Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tonight, my post is not going to be happy, happy and joy filled. Tonight, I am tired and I am in a VERY BAD mood.

Do you ever simply get in a bad mood?

Why do you get in a "bad mood"?

I am quite certain everyone has a truckload of reasons they could be grumpy on any given day . . .

Most days you probably breeze through the day, just like I do.

But then there is that ONE day that EVERYTHING irritates!

Everything grates on that ONE last nerve . . .

Yep, that is where I am tonight!

Now, I have to tell you, I had a really good day. I showered, dressed, took the kids to school and then headed home. Talked to my Mom on the telephone for a long time ~ which I ALWAYS enjoy! Then I simply chilled out for a bit and then it began . . .

My computer and the wireless printer wouldn't connect. It was driving me crazy ~~~ I can usually figure these things out myself. HA, NOT today! I had to email my computer guy. I was disgusted with myself . . . disgusted that I couldn't figure it out myself. I have to admit, I usually can figure these crazy things out by myself but today, no dice. The computer guy was VERY quick to respond. I was a little relieved that it really wasn't me. Wasn't me that caused the problem and it really wasn't my fault that I couldn't figure it out. This problem was a HARD one and took the computer guy a few hours to get things working together. Praise God for the computer guy!

I picked up Cody and headed home. He wanted to fix lunch in a picnic kind of way for he and I. So I let him.

What was on the menu?

My little four year old decided to have chips, salsa, fruit snacks and a granola bar. He told me that HE was a good cook! He definitely made me smile.

After the "picnic" he wanted me to watch Star Wars with him. It was one of the first Star Wars movies. So, we snuggled together on the couch to watch Star Wars.

Before I knew it the other kids were coming in the door.

We talked about homework. Worked on Bible verses and a bit about their day. We also take time to see what is in backpacks from school.

That was when the drama began . . .

One of the boys had a great day.

One of the boys brought home a naughty note.

One of the boys had to write: I will never pinch again (or something very similar).

So, as any concerned Mom would do . . .

I asked the two naughty boys about their "actions".

One whined and said, "I pinched someone" there was no reason, other than simply being naughty.

On to the next . . . this one decided to tell me that he didn't do what the teacher wrote the note about. Oh really, and the teacher is lying why? So, the boy was given another chance to tell me WHY he _______________________.

Again, he said he didn't. So, I read the note to him and then asked him if I needed to get the teacher on the telephone. I guess that wasn't needed because the boy then told me that he was "hiding" to play a joke on the teacher. Guess who didn't think it was funny?

The one had to write - the teacher wrote that he needed to write the sentence 10 times, however Mom thought he should write on every line of the paper - front and back.

The other likes to write, so instead he lost privileges for the evening.

Neither of them had dessert tonight.

Randy and I were sitting out on the main floor deck . . .  watching two of the boys play. Enjoying the beautiful weather and chatting. Then it happened . . . our youngest decided to pee on the rock climbing wall. He too was now in trouble . . . he was asked why he pee'd on the rock climbing wall. His answer . . . I had to go potty. Daddy promptly reminded him that we use the potty inside the house when we have "to go potty". Not the playset outside. He too joined the ranks . . . three little boys not playing outside.

As the evening progressed, the same two boys decided to sass both Mom and Dad. I am certain you can imagine that didn't go over well either . . . early bath and bed for sassing.

Minutes prior to one of the boys' bath and bed (one of the naughty note boys) the child decided to tell me that he had homework that he had not completed. By this point I was done . . . finished . . . irritated . . . wiped out . . . etc.

I know you are wondering . . . did the boy sit down and do his homework? Well, I have to tell you . . . the boy thought he was going to get to stay up and do his homework.

Well, that didn't happen. I sent him upstairs for his bath and after the bath he had to go to bed. I sat down at my computer and typed out an email to my son's teacher. I explained that the homework did not get completed and why it did not. There were no excuses made, simple facts only. Then I requested my child remain inside during recess to do his homework.

I know . . . I am a mean mom. I didn't allow him to stay up nor did I make excuses for him . . . he will have to deal with the consequences of his actions.

I do love my children with all of my heart, however I do not condone disobedience, hatefulness, lying, etc. I want my children to know that there are consequences to deal with when they don't make the right choice.

It was a rough evening . . . I certainly would have loved for the kids to have a fun night of running, jumping and laughing. I would much rather the kids be swimming in the pool that going to bed early.

However, we are the parents and we must teach our children right from wrong. God gave parents a HUGE responsibility when he gave children. We must teach them . . . before society takes hold of them.

Yes, being a parent is HARD!

The hardest thing a person will ever do!

We are responsible for these little people each and every minute of every day. Aren't there days when the reality of parenting hits you between the eyes. Wow!?!

Praise God for his example as Our Heavenly Father!

Praise God that He is simply a Prayer away.

God knows what we are going through every minute of every day.

Even on those days when we are in a bad mood.

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heartsfulloflove said...

Aww...that stinks. Hoping for a happy Friday for you all and a restful weekend! You both are molding several masterpiece in those young lives

Aww that stinks! Just remember that you both are molding many a masterpiece right now in those young lives and God has blessings in store! Hoping for a happy Friday for you all and a restful weekend!
Love to you all!

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