Friday, August 6, 2010

Field Trip

Tonight as I write, I am listening to the serenade of locust's song. I have to tell you, they are in full volume tonight. The temperatures have cooled to a more humane temperature and it is absolutely gorgeous out tonight. I feel blessed to be able to relax surrounded by beauty, peacefulness and the serene sounds of the locust (although I have to say, meeting a locust in person . . .  yuck)!

This morning we tidied things a bit around the house and then headed out. Over the river (literally) and through the trees (there were plenty) to Illinois Valley Dixon Mounds Museum. The kids were excited and full of chatter as we loaded up and headed out.

The drive was lovely and the kids tolerated it well . . . besides that they had the DVR playing the Nest Learning story of Louis Pasteur the inventor of vaccinations. The kids were engulfed in the dvd, so Katelyn and I didn't hear much out of them until we were almost at the museum.

Katelyn and I took a more than 150 photos ~ no, I won't be posting all of them! I think I am hearing sighs of relief!!! Nope, we will simply bore relative with them as I am making a Shutterfly book of our mini day trip.

Here are a few photos of our day:

Today was really a nice day!

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