Thursday, August 5, 2010


This evening as I write, I am perched in an armchair in our sitting room/a.m. kitchen that is connected to our Master bedroom. It is quiet up here and I am soaking it in almost as much as I soaked this in an hour ago . . .

I took a long, long soak in our large oval tub. The whirlpool makes great bubbles that go higher than the tub, but not to worry. . . This bathtub was carefully chosen not to overflow as it has a wonderful overflow built in all the way around the tub.

The color of the walls in our master bath is more of a gray blue color, but the camera always makes it look lighter. The beautiful vase came from a local mom and pop shop and the flowers . . . I put those together.

The picture above is in our master bathroom . . . again, the color is not the beautiful gray blue that is actually in the bathroom. I am not sure why the color looks more greenish in this picture and more bluish in others.

I love my beautiful glass cologne decanter and little clock that sits on my side of the bathroom sink.

I just added this beautiful vase and letter "P" to our sitting room.

This little cafe set sits off of our Master bedroom. I love to sit out here and catch up with blogs and facebook. I also love to online shop from this little spot.
Yesterday I made this little beauty. I love the beautiful bright colors.

Our dock was refinished these past two weeks . . . I love how it looks now and blends nicely into our gazebo patio area.

I have been wanting to hang something above our headboard, but just have never found just what I wanted. I saw a painting of a tree branch with two love birds on it but it didn't come in the size I needed. I didn't think it looked too hard to paint, so I gave it a try. This project took me about four hours to complete and hang.

This is how it all began:

A blank canvas, brushes and acrylic paint.








What do you think?

I started with the base colors, added the tree, then the love birds AND the painting wouldn't have been complete without the rest of our little brood . . . Birds to represent each of our five kids.

I was so excited that my hubs thought it was incredible.

It has been a very productive day!


heartsfulloflove said...

Very Pretty painting!! You can now have your own Etsy shop!!!! It looks awesome...well all of the pics do!

Jeanette said...

You are one handy girl to have around! LOVE the picture you painted and I did catch all the little birdies before you mentioned it :}

joelle said...

These are beautiful!. You are very Talented. Can ypu come live by me ;-)? Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

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