Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today marks the beginning of another week.

Week two of the 2010 - 2011 School Year.

Week ONE had a FEW Hiccups.

Nothing Major


the youngest boy is trying to "learn" the rules at school

he pushed it a few times

he received THREE worms on his apple

TWO on day TWO


ONE on day FOUR

he is learning

worms are not good, except for fishing

Boy # 2 . . .

second oldest boy

third child

in SECOND grade

who shall remain nameless

has a new teacher this year

a man teacher

Mr. C

which is VERY cool

Mr. C doesn't tolerate nonsense

Boy # 2 enjoys nonsense

Mom, Dad and Mr. C . . .

not so much!

Boy # 2 gets a mark at school

the very first week

wouldn't be quiet

after several warnings

naughty note was issued

naughty note came home

naughty note was given to Mom

Mom was NOT happy

Mom showed the naughty note to Dad

Dad was NOT happy

Boy # 2 was given his ONLY warning

You are to obey and listen to your teacher

You are not to talk during seat work

Boy # 2 said he understood

Boy does not want privileges taken away

Boy didn't have any more naughty notes about talking come home

Today is Sunday

Mom was checking mud room lockers - each child has one

pulled out backpacks

pulled out lunch boxes

opened 1st backpack

notebook, folder, papers . . .

naughty note from Mr. C

Boy # 2 did not give us the note

Boy # 2 was called in from playing outside

Mom was not happy and actually disgusted

Boy did not complete his homework on Thursday

Mom asked Boy Why?

Boy said, "I didn't have time"

Mom furrowed her brow and said, "Excuse Me"

"I didn't have time"

Hmmmm, Not the Way I Remember it.

I said, "Let's review"

Boy, you came home from school

I asked you if you had homework

You said, only my Bible verse

Do you remember that?

Boy answered, "yes"

Mom reminded the boy . . .

it is NEVER acceptable to lie

you should have completed your homework

there is no excuse


you get some paper

and a pencil

Get the homework you were to do

the instructions say complete this page by writing the words 10 times

the instructions say write your name 10 times

We have a little change for you

You didn't complete your homework like you were instructed

I am not going to fight you all year

You will sit down and write each paper 50 times

the 10 times you were instructed


40 times for interest

yes, I am a homework loan shark

I demand high interest

in hopes the boy will learn

Make sure to complete our homework

all of it

Make sure Mom gets ALL notes from Mr. C

Do NOT lie

for ANY reason


Mom will find out

She has connections you know!

Looking forward to a GREAT week

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