Saturday, August 21, 2010


Good morning . . . it is a lovely Saturday morning. How about yours?

So far, everyone is calm at my house. The boys are enjoying their morning just hanging out with each other.

Katelyn cleaned the guinea pig cage . . . she gave me the pig to tend while she made his cage all nice and clean. He usually loves to "hang out" with me . . . he is a good pig! Today, he decided to walk on my keyboard, scroll down the web page and take a big sniff of my freshly brewed coffee. Then . . . he jumped, twice . . . it was then evident why . . . he left two "surprises" on my desk. Oh Dear! He doesn't usually do that . . . in fact, it has only happened once or twice. Clorox wipes to the rescue! Quick clean up and we were back in business. I am quite certain he was thinking, "Did I do that? Oh my, how embarrassing!" Like I said, he is a good lil' piggy!

I am pretty on top of things around the house. We just might take the day off from house chores . . . or maybe we will just do a few little things. I haven't decided.

Last night we watched Furry Vengeance. Crazy little movie. The boys laughed and laughed. I have to admit, I chuckled a little too.

We had a little storm last night - thunder, lightening and rain. Nothing severe. When I woke this morning the sky was clear blue and gorgeous. Now, not so much . . . the clouds are rolling in.

Why is Dora so annoying? Why do they have to repeat and repeat and repeat annoying songs? Super baby, super baby, super baby, super baby, super baby, super baby . . . you get the picture! YIKES!
Time for the boys to put a movie in before Katelyn and I go crazy.

Well, that is about it for the morning. Have a great day!

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Jeanette said...

Dora seriously! I find the "stalker" to be a bit creepy - good thing my kids have always been too old to watch it ;}

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