Saturday, August 14, 2010

Broken Hip, Fractured Finger and a Birthday Party

Our day started out early this morning with a telephone call. Randy's Mom was injured this morning when her hip "gave way" and she fell. She is now in the hospital with a fractured finger and needs her hip replaced. Please pray for Randy, his parents Jean and Paul, his two sisters and the decisions that must be made.

My heart hurts for Randy . . . his Mom and Dad are looking to him to guide them in the right direction. Randy is the only son and takes his "son status" very seriously. Of course, like many families Randy's Mom takes care of "everything" and now with her injured, things will be discombobulated for a while.

I am Praising God for such a strong husband! I am so blessed to have a husband that loves and cares for his parents.

Currently, Randy's Mom is resting comfortably . . . the docs have her numbed up good. She will have surgery tomorrow morning.

Well, gotta go . . . we have a Birthday party to two little girls to head to.

Have a great day!

I love this little video . . . Enjoy!

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