Sunday, August 8, 2010

The BOY'S Room

Today the boy was told to get his bedroom cleaned up . . . his last warning. He had been told to clean up his room for several days now . . . apparently, he didn't think I was serious.

Katelyn and I headed upstairs and into his room with cleaning supplies, storage totes and garbage bags.

The following pictures are BEFORE the THREE and a Half hours that Katelyn, Ryan and I spent in his room cleaning it. Let's see - 3.5 hours x 3 = 10.5 hours.

Does the word Ridiculous come to your mind?

It came to mine!

As you can see, my son was not at all happy.

I guess that makes us even . . . I wasn't happy either!

There was junk stuff everywhere!

and I do mean everywhere!

Three totes and 2 1/2 garbage bags later . . .

The room has been cleaned up, toys are organized into their proper places, the furniture dusted, the closet cleaned up, the bed sheets blankets, bedspreads and shams were stripped down to wash, windows washed inside, the book shelves tidied, the floors vacuumed and mopped.


are you ready?


take a look . . .

I know you are wondering . . .

How is the "boy" going to work off all of the time spent?

Is the "boy" in trouble?

Well, the boy will be providing SEVEN hours of "labor" to his sister . . . whatever she needs help with. After all, Katelyn took the time on her Sunday to help her brother clean his room.

Did he object?

Well, in typical almost eight year old style . . . of Course he did!

This week, he will be very busy.

As for being in trouble . . . again the answer is yes. He had to use his time to play to assist Katelyn and I to clean his room.

Thankfully, the room is nice and clean.

Whew . . . it has been a long day!


jennifer said...

It does look much nicer! Good work Katelyn. Now work your little brother HARD!! LOL!

Mimi said...

Great job, Julie! The three of you do good work!
You are a lot nicer than me. I take everything away. Tell Ryan that he's a lucky boy to have a mom and sis that care enough to help him and to let him keep his things. I think he'd rather help his big sis than lose all his toys and priveleges like two kids I know have done in the past! I'm sure that he learned an important lesson. Good parents let their kids know that there are consequences when they misbehave, and you are definitely a very good parent.

joelle said...

I had to smile at your post. I love it, Iove it. My boys's bedroom get like that every so often. Good job and endurance to the 2 of you. What I like the most is his face after the first 3 hours. I think that is the worst part of it all. Thankfully my boys do like the room once it's clean, to only mess it up again.

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