Monday, August 30, 2010


The past week as been a blurr of craziness at our house. The kids began getting used to their new teachers and have tried to see how far they can push them. The teachers have let them know . . . not very far. So, we have had our share of naughty notes come home to let us know what our little bumpkins are up to. Two of our boys have had a visit with Mr. S the Principal. Mr. S let them both know that their behavior is shamie and they need to do as their teacher says. Prayerfully, this bit of information sinks into their brains and they will simply settle in and have a great year.

Now before anyone begins thinking my kids are the most shamie kids on the planet . . . let me explain:
  • 4 year old is getting used to school . . . this is his first experience there
  • 4 year old isn't used to standing still in line and tended to "explore" the first week of school
  • 4 year old defended himself when another child pinched him
  • 7 year old . . . comes by talking naturally (he has the gift of gab)
  • 7 year old . . . challenges the rules
  • 7 year old has a brand new teacher . . . a man . . . the man teacher is a no-nonsense type of teacher that wants to TEACH them something. Isn't that Great?
  • 7 year old . . . tends to do his own thing . . . he likes to play in the desk. Grandma says that maybe he is just organizing it.
  • 7 year old . . . pretended to shoot people with his pencil today - the teacher was not amused
  • almost 8 year old . . . had to write a paper about not pinching others
  • almost 8 year old . . . is in hot water with me tonight. Since he got home from school I have been trying to get him to do his homework. He needs to work on his spelling and his writing. Apparently, I am not getting through to him. He doesn't seem to care that I am taking privileges from him. This makes me sad.
  • I am pleasantly surpised the almost 8 year old has not had any marks or naughty notes from school
  • the six year old . . . has not been in any trouble . . . his name has not been on the blackboard or on the messy desk list . . . Wow, I am amazed!
For the most part, my kiddos are doing pretty well. Their papers from school are very good and we are very pleased that they are trying their best.

Cody recited his very first Bible verse last Friday:

Just for clarity . . . Psalm 32:8a
I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go.

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