Thursday, August 19, 2010


I just began looking through the current issue of RealSimple ~~~ my favorite magazine. I have come across some very interesting things. . .
  • did you know that there is someone that can type 207 words a minute? Apparently, this person has the top score at
  • leopard prints are the most wearable trend right now in purses, hats, dresses, coats and skirts
  • loafers are another trend that has returned
  • no frosting in the house? try using a marshmallow - when your cupcakes have about 3 minutes left to bake, place one marshmallow on top of each cupcake and return the cupcake to the oven for the remaining time or until the marshmallows are slightly melted out but still fluffy
  • red is the color of the season
  • pair red with camel, teal or purple
Today I was busy with laundry and pantry tidy up. I cannot believe how quickly things in both rooms get out of hand. I am happy to say that I am easily keeping up with the laundry. Tonight I only have laundry from today and baths tonight, so once again the washers are running.

The pantry is organized so that at a glance I can see what needs restocked.  I organize my pantry in sections and then make sure all labels are facing forward for ease of identification.

The kids are doing well in school. School week 1 is almost history . . . the kids are enjoying themselves and are quickly getting into the "school" groove.  Two of my boys have received naughty notes  . . . Cody has received 3 worms on his apple this week ~~~ two on Tuesday and one today, but he is learning that Mrs. J won't tolerate disobedience. Cameron also received a mark today . . . apparently he was warned not to talk, but decided he would talk anyway. His teacher is new this year, Mr. C and I think he is going to be right on top of things in the second grade class.

Katelyn is enjoying her Senior year and her new found freedoms. She likes being able to drive to school in the morning and not have to wait on anyone. She is enjoying her classes and is busy with Band, Choir, Flute and piano. She hasn't been bringing home any homework as she is getting it done during her study halls.

Ryan came home tonight and showed me what he learned in school today . . . he was learning about his eyes. He had to show me how his pupils change - by closing his eyes for a minute and then opening them. "Did you see that Mom?" he asked. I am so excited to see HIM excited about school.

EJ came home and told me there are 66 books in the Bible. He announced that little fact boldly with a big smile on his face.

Cody is learning his vowel sounds along with learning the "ropes" of preschool.

Cameron's spelling list has gone up in numbers, but he aced the Pre Spelling test on Wednesday and therefore doesn't have to take the test tomorrow.

Randy has been busy at work. This time of year we begin maintenance on the buildings, inside the manufacturing plant and to the machines. We still have production to do as well, but everything is scheduled to work around it all.

Me . . . well, I continue to take care of my office work. Three morning a week I am heading in to the office and the other two days I work from home. I am enjoying afternoons with Cody and trying to stay on top of things at home.

Time to close for the evening. Have a good sleep everyone!

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