Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Almost Too Much To Write About

Whew . . . finally a few minutes to sit down and catch up here on my blog. As you are all aware, it is AUGUST. Where did July go? Wow!

School starts two weeks from yesterday. We are all ready . . . school supplies and everything.

The past few days have been a blur . . . Do you have days like that?

I am almost caught up with B90 . . .Thru the Bible in 90 Days. I am only one day behind now instead of three. Almost there.

Tonight as we were folding clothes, Mia found a nice warm comfy spot . . .

Sweet Puppy Girl!

Randy and I have made a few decisions . . .

First, we had a guy look at our roof. Most of the homes in my area had horrible hail damage from a storm we had last month. Our insurance guy mentioned that since we have a new roof over most of our house but not all, that we should have it checked out. The guy came today and took a look . . . we do have damage on the part of the roof that was not replaced. Randy and I both believe we should have the insurance cover the damage.

Second, do remember this post (click on the word post). I know I was very vague concerning the details in this post . . . so, here is a bit of an explanation.

Randy and I initially became foster parents nine years ago because by our State law, in order to adopt a baby or child you must be licensed as a foster parent. So, we were. We adopted our first son in 2002 and I thought our family was complete. Our license renewal came up a few years later and although I didn't think we would renew, Randy felt that God was directing us to renew. So we did. The March after our fall renewal, God gave us two little boys . . . I always say, "God dropped them right out of Heaven to us!" I want you to know, We were NOT actively searching for more children . . . but God had plans already in motion. Our family grew and the number of children in our family doubled in size over the course of 24 hours. A year and a half later . . . another baby entered our home. God had definite plans for our family . . . through foster to adopt. At the end of the year, that license renewal question was again upon us . . . however, this time we had decided we weren't going to renew the license. We were pretty much adamant about it. We felt our family was complete and were anxiously awaiting the final adoption hearing. During our wait time, we would receive a call that we needed to complete a few more things so that "everything" was up to date . . . so, we did them  . . . everything requested.

About a month ago, I began feeling a bit unsettled. I was having trouble sleeping and during the time I lay awake the same thoughts recurred each night. I began praying, "What do you want us to do?" "But, I thought our family was complete."  Then I began thinking through . . . the entire time we were saying that we weren't renewing our license, requirements were being completed with each request. I lay in bed talking to God . . . I mentioned to God that I thought it odd that everything required to renew our license was pretty much done.



Do I really believe it is all a coincidence?

Absolutely NOT!

Nothing that God puts into motion is a coincidence, ever.

I emailed our licensing rep . . . I asked,

What is left to finish renewing our license?

Would you believe there was only ONE item left for us to do?

One item, nothing major was all that was left.

Everything else had been completed.

There was one other thing that had been keeping me up nights that goes hand in hand with the licensing . . .

I do believe that God is directing us to be open to the idea of adopting a special needs baby or small child. Many times parents are not able or willing to care for a special needs baby or they begin raising the baby and find it too overwhelming. I believe God is preparing our hearts for such a little one.

Having said all of that . . . actually writing it out there is almost heart stopping. I know that many people won't understand. I know there will be questions. We have been blessed beyond our understanding with our five beautiful children and we are so very thankful for each of them.

If we had not listened to God after our first two children, we wouldn't have the other three children. We felt pretty set in our ways not to renew . . . but, how do you tell God "no, I won't open my home to another" or "a special needs child?" God, what do you want from us?

We do not know what God has in mind for our family. I believe that many times God simply wants us to be willing. We are not actively searching for a special needs baby or child. We truly believe God is in charge and if/when He is ready, He will deliver.

Psalm 139:16 You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

Proverbs 16:9  “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”


Mimi said...

Julie, it is so wonderful that you, Randy, and your family are open for the possibility of raising and loving another child. You will be in my prayers!

Jeanette said...

Whew! That was a HUGE surprise!! You know you have our support (not that you are asking for it!) Excited to see who God will bring into our lives....maybe a beautiful girl :}

Love you!

Cindy said...

Our hearts were open many years ago when we began the licensing process. Two very special children have now grown up in our home. I will say that IF God chooses to bring a 'very special' young person into your lives, you will know a new love you never dreamt possible. Praying as you continue to seek God's direction.

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