Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2nd Day of School AND . . .

Today the kids were at school all day . . . except Cody . . . he is in preschool and we pick him up at 11:30  each morning. Today he came home singing a little song and telling me what God made the  . . . light and dark. I had to smile, I know he is listening! A little note came home with Cody today . . . TWO worms on his apple today. They are trying to teach the children how to behave in school and when they don't, they get a little worm character on their apple that is on the blackboard. Well, apparently our little dude couldn't stand still when he was in waiting in line ~ worm one. He and a little girl decided to hit one another . . . well, a little worm found its way onto his apple ~ worm 2. Cody told me about his two worms, but didn't want to discuss WHY he was given the worms. His teacher Mrs. J gets a chuckle out of him and said he is doing pretty well.

He came home today, had lunch and crashed . . . take a look:

Just before Cody fell asleep, this little beauty was delivered:

The kids all arrived home full of things to tell about school today. Last night we tried to give the kids all a bit of time to unwind BEFORE getting down to homework . . . well, that didn't work out. It was almost 9:00 p.m. and two of the boys were still working on their spelling ~ of course, that happens when they mess around.
So, tonight we reversed everything. I really would like for them to be able to unwind before they get to homework, but tonight I made them get right to it . . . BEFORE anything else. Would you believe it didn't take them more than 1/2 hour to complete their homework?
With homework out of the way, NOW we can focus on relaxing tonight.

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jennifer said...

I think the worm and the apple is a clever way to reinforce good behavior.

The piano is gorgeous!

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