Friday, July 23, 2010


How do you feel when things don't go according to your plans?

 When things take way longer than they are supposed to . . . do you wonder why?

Do you wonder if they are man's road blocks, coincidence or God's delay?

Over this past year, we were pretty certain we were completely finished with one area of our lives.

But, what if God isn't quite ready for us to be completely finished?

What if God wants us to continue on "this" type of journey?

I know I am being a bit vague . . . sorry about that. This line of questions could be about anything and could be in anyone's life.

Throughout our married lives, Randy and I have faced this scenario many, many times. We didn't understand "things" that were or had happened . . . the "why" of it all was completely hidden from us for quite a long time. Looking back through our married life ~ almost 28 years, we can now put many of those "why" questions to rest, because now they make sense. God was orchestrating our lives, maneuvering to get us into the place He wanted us to be.

I truly believe we must all be adaptable to the journey God has for our lives. Is God speaking to you today about something He wants you to do? Is he "maneuvering" (for lack of a better word) situations in your life toward the "end" result? Are willing to change your mind about something He is nudging you to do?

Be willing to listen . . . don't tune God out. He truly has ways of getting you to listen. Won't you listen to Him today?

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