Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today I am pondering Why? Some of the Mysteries of MY Life . . .

Why are there days that I just want to stay in my jammies?

Why do I stay up so late some nights?

Why do I let laundry pile up sometimes?

Why are there times I procrastinate?

Why am I OCD about which way the toilet paper rolls?
BTW my OCD demands OVER.

Which brings up another Why?

Why am I OCD about some things and not others?

Why is it little boys miss the hole in the toilet when they . . . you know. I mean, it is HUGE but they still miss it.

Why do the dishwashers always seem to be running?

What is up with Walter? He doesn't want to do his job anymore? Could it be Walter was damaged by on of my children standing on him?

Why do dust bunnies like my house so much?

Why do little boys blame innocent dogs for smells they make?

Why does no one NEED you until you are reading a good book, having devotions or going to the bathroom?

Why do floors get dirty when shoes aren't worn in the house?

Why doesn't the doorbell ring until you get all of your children laying down and they are almost asleep?

Why do dogs stare at you when you are sitting at the table for a meal? We don't do that to them.

Why are spiders so persistent to continuously build webs even though you rip them down every day?

Why is it kids do not wake up or hear the "pee alarm" that is right on their shoulder when you can hear it across the house?

Why do dogs try to chew their treats on the furniture?

There are so many things to ponder the "why" of . . .

What are you pondering today?


Cindy said...

I posted my own 'Why' on my blog the other day. WHY don't people tell you when you make up is running down your face? I mean really!
The answer to your why's is because you are a mom of 5 and some days you just need a break:) Yes?
Love reading your blog!

Jenny said...

Why do children need you the second you get on the phone? Me and my son have had several conversations about this subject this week.

Jeanette said...

Why ask why? Try Bud dry ;}

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