Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today Is My Birthday

Today is my birthday . . . since I don't know what may day is going to hold, I am making this post to simply introduce you to a few things you may or may not know about me. Since I am 35 plus shipping and handling there will be 35 things about me, my likes and/or dislikes . . .  plus some extras for that shipping and handling part. Ready, here goes:
  1. I am in the process of reading the Bible through in 90 Days.
  2. I must use glasses to read.
  3. I must have my roots colored every 4 weeks ~~~ just say it isn't pretty if I don't.
  4. I have lost 22.8 lbs.
  5. I am a water drinker.
  6. I am a night owl.
  7. I would love to visit Ireland . . . but, I never will . . . because you can't drive there.
  8. I love to take small road trips.
  9. I don't deal with nonsense.
  10. I love to make up little songs with my kids.
  11. I love thunderstorms.
  12. My ears are double pierced.
  13. I love to fish.
  14. I go barefoot at home all the time.
  15. I rarely wear socks.
  16. Birkenstocks are my favorite sandal.
  17. My favorite perfume is Donna Karan Cashmere.
  18. My eyes are Hazel.
  19. I love to hear my children giggle.
  20. I love old movies.
  21. All of the labels of my canned or jarred goods must all face forward. I like them to all be uniform so they can be read easily.
  22. Germs bug me
  23. I prefer to have all of our dishes washed in the dishwasher because I feel they get cleaner than by hand washing.
  24. I don't like to scrapbook, but love to Shutterfly.
  25. I like things how I like them . . . don't ask why . . . I don't know.
  26. I like little sayings like . . . noohhhhhhhhhhh, cotton headed ninny muggin, hunky dunky . . .
  27. I MUST have a cup of coffee or two or three a day.
  28. I spoon of sugar and one spoon of creamer in my coffee please.
  29. I don't like disorder, but with five kids - four being boys ages 7 1/2 and under . . . disorder seems to reign in our home.
  30. I am the chief tooth puller in our house and love that my kids would prefer me to pull their tooth rather than their daddy. Tonight Ryan asked me to help him with one that was waaayyyy loose, but didn't want to come out. We finally accomplished it and saw the tooth was almost bigger under the gum than what was showing.
  31. I love connecting with other people through facebook and blogs.
  32. Unusual and different is what I look for when shopping (online of course)
  33. I think of my Grandma a lot. She relocated her home to Heaven in August of 1995. I miss her tons, but use many of her sayings with my kids . . . like: "You can get glad in the same pants you got mad in" and "I can't have nothing!" ~ I got that from my Mom too!
  34. I prefer riding in the front seat of a car if I am not driving. Just don't care for back seats.
  35. I carry a lot in my purse . . . you just never know what you are going to need.
  36. I don't take solicitation calls ~ from anyone.
  37. I keep the "chat"off on my facebook.
  38. I loathe stained clothing and will work and work to get a stain out.
  39. Can you believe I still get zits blemishes? What is that about?
  40. Once in a while I have the "back in high school and don't know where my classes are" nightmare. You would think after all these years that would be a thing never to return.
  41. I NEVER know what to tell my husband what I want for my birthday and it drives him CRAZY!
  42. I started swimming in our pool during the afternoon and evenings ~ which is a change from "only under the cover of darkness".
  43. I think our guinea pig has "cute" lips.
  44. Sometimes . . . I hide in the bathroom just to get a minute to myself. . . but the kids usually find me pretty quickly. Even the dogs come looking for me.
  45. Sometimes . . . I talk to myself, but don't tell anyone.
  46. Although the thought of adding another year onto my age FREAKS me OUT, I am thankful to be alive and for my blessings.
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Great reading this, Julie!! Happy birthday dear friend! Well done losing all that weight!! Bet you feel so much better for it. I've lost 30 pounds since end of April on the low carb diet. :) #7 - Rats. I would so love a visit from you.
I hate germs and stains too. I used to be rather paranoid about germs, but now I'm not as bad since my husband told me common-sense scientific ways to deal with them and not fear them so much. :) Love you!!!

Patrice said...

Great list!! I too try to hide in the bathroom, never works! Happy birthday and I hope you have a very Blessed Birthday Day!!!

TJ said...

Happy Birthday! It's fun reading things like this to get to know you!

Marva said...

Happy Birthday sweet friend! Many blessings today and always!

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