Friday, July 30, 2010

This morning as I write I hear the sounds of rice krispies in milk. Three of my boys are having breakfast . . . I am amazed at how loud the krispies are popping! Wow!

Yesterday was incredibly busy at my house. The window washing guy was here . . . Praise the Lord!!! He did an AWESOME job. The guys were working on our dock - new framing and replacement of the dock. The landscape guys were working on our "swamp" condition of the yard . . . looked like giant moles made a racetrack through our yard, drainage tile was installed, gravel atop the drainage tile, dirt replacement and new sod to replace what was taken out.

Today, the guys are finishing the yard repair and the other guys will be finishing up one side of the dock and start on the left side in front of our boat and down the other side. It will look gorgeous and I will certainly take some photos.

The minutes are ticking away . . . need to get upstairs and get showered.

Have a great day!

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Taylor said...

Hi, Julie! Nice to meet you! My kids LOVE Rice Krispies, but I hate buying it because it seems like they eat one box a day!
Have a wonderful weekend!
(Lumberjack's Wife)

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