Saturday, July 24, 2010


The beginning of the 2010 - 2011 School Year is THREE weeks away for my kiddos . . . It has been a long but fun summer.

We have backpacks loaded with school supplies, feet have been measured for stride rite shoes and they are ordered, new school clothes are all washed and hanging in their closets. We are on the edge of READY. Of course, Cody asked again today if Mommy is going to go to school with him.

Back to school also means a schedule is once again in place. Routines bounce back into place after school and bedtime is enforced.

This morning Ryan had another ball game they have one every game they have played . . . TEN games and Won ALL TEN!!! There are five games next week and then the tournament. Ryan is playing well, I am so glad we made him stay with it.

This afternoon we watched several innings of the Cubs/Cards game . . . Woo Hoo Cubbies win again!

That is about all that my brain has for tonight . . . scary isn't it?

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