Saturday, July 17, 2010


Heat Advisory today until 7:00 p.m. The heat indeces will be between 100 & 105 degrees today.

The boys are all napping . . . this morning RyRy had a ball game, so between the fun of the game watching, drinking yummy slushies, the heat and a big lunch they are tired. Katelyn stayed home out of the heat with the excuse that she was going to dust her bedroom. Sounded good to me!

As I write, we are getting a downpour. I was looking forward to a few thunderstorms today.

Here are some photos of our day . . .

Ryan is playing in the outfield

Ryan is up to bat

and its a hit . . . run RyRy

safe at 1st base

running to 2nd base

of course those watching the game need to be nice and cool at all times, therefore slushies are a hit

and slushies are absolutely no good without getting yourself all sticky with the contents of the cup

then there is the "take MY picture" kid . . . yes, he had a slushie too

a happy no front teeth brother

Ryan's team won 14 - 1 today and so far are undefeated.

Woo Hoo, great job Ryan!

Here is a photo of one of our beautiful containers .  .  .

I absolutely love the bright red flowers!

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12-arrows said...

Baseball, a hot day and cold drinks, what could be more perfect?

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