Saturday, July 3, 2010


Welcome to the Party!
Kamie is laying on her back and appears to be enjoying herself!

This is JC . . . she is the hostess of the Puppy Party!

JC and Kamie are "buds"!

This is the LIFE . . . What a Party!

Kamie, JC and Mia are nose to nose.

Mia's tongue is almost bigger than she is!

You lookin' at ME?

Emma and Kamie

JC looks like she is smiling!

JC is giving EJ a smoochy poo!

Kamie is enjoying Grandma's Backyard

Emma is all stretched out.

Mia is laying next to Kamie ~ this party is FABULOUS!

Emma, what have YOU been DRINKING?

Grandma's BEAUTIFUL flowers!

(Katelyn was the Puppy Party Photographer)

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