Sunday, July 25, 2010


For this post, I thought I would post a few pictures of what I did with our floral arrangements that we made on Friday.

First, one of the main floor 1/2 bathrooms. Yes, ONE of the 1/2 baths on the main floor . . . we have two. One was original to the house and when we added on to our house, we made a large laundry room and an extra 1/2 bath.

One of the arrangements found a home on one of the 1/2 bathroom counters. I love how it just settled in with a little Faith and black pottery.

Stepping backward into the laundry room for a larger picture.

across from the potty sits a little black bench with a lantern, hydrangeas and the Bible . . .

The bathroom color is actually a taupe . . . not pink

Katelyn made this arrangement. It sits on a beautiful chest in a little niche in our hall between the kitchen and the library and is across from the second 1/2 bath on the main floor.

Katelyn did a lovely job!

The hydrangea, rock, twig arrangement found its home in our library.

a picture standing back in the library - the color of this room is a little off for some reason in this picture.

The last two pictures are of some yummy goodness that Katelyn made as an appetizer before dinner.

Take a look, but NO DROOLING . . .

Beautiful Baguette Bread drizzled with olive oil and slightly toasted.

Then removed from the oven for a bit of honey and FRESH mozzarella. A bit of baking and Voila . . . Yummy Goodness!

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