Friday, July 16, 2010


Mothers are unique ~ each and every one. Daughters . . . totally incredible creatures of love and mystery.

I know . . . because I AM a Daughter and I HAVE a Daughter.

I have been a daughter for almost 35 years plus shipping or 29 years plus shipping and handling. (You really didn't think I was going to post my real age, did you?)

When I was a little girl, I was my Momma's tail. I wanted to be where ever she was and rarely was away from her. Going to school was hard for me . . . during that era Kindergarten was not mandatory but optional. Kindergarten had a morning class and an afternoon class. My Mom took me to Kindergarten every day . . . every day I cried . . . I missed my Mom. First grade wasn't much better for me . . . the tears were less, but NEEDING my Momma by my side never subsided.

As I grew, Mom always kept a good eye on us kids and we were never allowed anywhere without her knowledge. She gave us the space to grow and the love and support we needed in whatever we were doing. The years passed and the summer after my jr year of high school was in full swing. That was the year I became independent, strong headed and engaged to be married. I was 17 and thought I was an adult. We had some rough times that year . . . Mom and I . . . Mom was trying to hold on and I was trying to break loose. That was 27 years ago . . .  Praise God we survived. Since that time, we chat several times a week . . . during the school year we chat every week day. Our Mother/Daughter relationship is special and I love hearing her voice.

Seventeen and a half years ago I became the Mother of the Mother/Daughter relationship. I still remember Katelyn's birth like it was yesterday. Looking at my beautiful daughter for the very first time took my breath away . . . and you know what? She still does!

Katelyn is a lot like her Momma . . . she and I love to be with our Momma. Katelyn likes to be with me, regardless of what I am doing. We have a special Mother/Daughter relationship . . . not a day or night goes without each of us saying, "I LOVE YOU"!

I have to tell you, my little girl is almost grown and it is both exciting and scary at the same time. I love watching every milestone, birthday, challenge and accomplishment. She constantly amazes me in just about everything she does. I am in the place where my Mom was . . . all those years ago and this is where Me being a daughter and also having a daughter has changed my perception of "adulthood".

Seventeen years old does not equal adulthood, regardless of my opinion when I was 17. I am so thankful that my daughter is different from me in this particular instance. I am thankful that Katelyn isn't in a hurry to "grow up", graduate or be out on her own. I am thankful that she still longs for her Momma's opinion and at times . . . approval. I am Thankful that she and I are not only Mother and Daughter, but are friends as well. I am thankful Katelyn has a good head on her shoulders and Christ in her heart. I love that we can chat about anything. I love that she has a tender heart. I love her giggles. I love her sensitivity, her sense of humor and her smile. I love that if something is bothering her she will come to me so we can talk about it.

God gives women the most amazing "position" in life . . . the opportunity to be both a DAUGHTER and a MOTHER. God has provided women the ability to be a Mother, Daughter and Friend . . . all at the same time.

Mom and Katelyn, I LOVE YOU with all that I am.

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