Sunday, July 4, 2010



Randy took two of the boys out for a jet ski ride. Cody is napping, EJ is still working on his chores (an earlier bout with an attitude makes his chore finishing later as he had to take time out to think about his attitude), I have been working on processing paperwork so as to not be too far behind on Tuesday in the office. Katelyn has baked two pound cakes and boy does this house smell wonderful! Tonight we will make a beautiful Trifle! Can't wait to show you pictures of the beautiful and yummy goodness!

Earlier today I made a BIG GINORMOUS bowl of Potato Salad. My family loves it, especially JuJu's Secret Recipe Potato Salad! Doesn't it sound yummy described as a "secret recipe"? I talked to our neighbor last night and told him I was making potato salad and would send some over . . . he asked if it had eggs in it. Of course!!! In my opinion, potato salad isn't potato salad without eggs!

Here is the recipe for JuJu's Potato Salad:
(makes a ginormous bowl - divide in 1/2 if you want less)

1 dozen eggs - boiled
2 medium size jar of sweet pickles
one extra large onion
5 lbs of potato (I use red)
Miracle Whip lite

Boil up your eggs, let them cool, remove the shell and chop up

(tip: I ALWAYS boil my eggs with salt and olive oil - to take the shell off easily - tap the egg on both ends before attempting to removed the shell)

Peel the potatoes and chop them into bite size sections
(boil with 1/2 stick of butter and salt until tender)

While the eggs and potatoes are cooking, chop your onion and sweet pickles. Set aside.

Once the potatoes are finished cooking empty the pot into a strainer and rinse with cool water.

Now you are ready to assemble. I usually start with the onions and the pickles - mix together and then add the eggs.

At this point I put in the Miracle Whip. The amount to add is based on your taste. Mix the Miracle Whip in and then add your potatoes and Mix well adding more Miracle Whip as needed.

I usually add a little sugar - about 1/8 of a cup or less to the mixture, but again this is a matter of preference and taste.

Make sure EVERYTHING is mixed well, cover and put in the fridge for all of the flavors to blend.

Love ME some JUJU's Potato Salad!

Let me know what you think!

Next . . . The Trifle

We are have made our pound cake from scratch - woo hoo - yummy goodness! In fact, Katelyn made TWO!

Make or pick up a pound or angel food cake

fresh strawberries

vanilla pudding

cool whip OR spray whip

layer ingredients

serve cold

I hope you all enjoy!


Jeanette said...

The trifle looks AWESOME! Think I will pass on the potato salad..... :)

Jenny said...

Yum, I love potato salad and that trifle looks heavenly :)

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