Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We have a Nasty little creature eating our beautiful flowers . . . this little guy and his buggy relatives!

Meet the Japanese Beetle. This little guy may not look harmful, but JB is EXTREMELY destructive!

He has eaten the leaves off of my beautiful roses and left skeleton remains of some of my potted plants.

We had the landscaping maintenance gal come today to give a look to see what we need to do. She sprayed a "special" treatment on our plants and surveyed the damage. My potted plant is getting a dose of dawn dish soap water to discourage those little creatures from eating.

Maintenance gal also noted that "IRRIGATION GUY" is over watering our plants AND yard. Randy (irrigation guy and my hubs) thinks he needs to water EVERYTHING thoroughly each night . . . manually. The irrigation system runs automatically, but my irrigation guy thought things were looking a bit puny so he thought he would help out the irrigation system. Maintenance gal advised that Irrigation Guy back off on the watering. Apparently, Irrigation Guy has done such a great job in the watering department, we have fungus growing AND some of the plants are suffering from OVER watering. The backyard also has a bit of water standing. Yep, when my hubs a.k.a. irrigation guy does a job, he does it to the best of his ability!

For the sake of our plants and grass . . . Back OFF Irrigation Guy & take a vacation . . . your plants and yard thank you!


Marva said...

We have Japanese beetles too. We had them back in 2004 and ever since. Last year they were the least aggitating. They eat everything! They are now in our okra, eggplant and plums. WE use restricted pesticides to knock'em out (90% Sevin). That is the ONLY thing we have found to work. Hope they go away soon, for you also! Hope the irrigation guy takes a break. Maybe he can come to the land of Bama......pond went dry this week......turned on city water just to water cows!


Jeanette said...

We have been invaded too. We started using Seven on everything. You can buy in to hook up to your hose for the tall plants and trees. We have it in all forms (powder, hose & concentrated for the pump sprayer) as we have been using it weekly to keep our apple trees from being eaten to the nubs. I'm getting apples off my trees this year if it kills me! Tell irrigation man he can come to my house and water if he wants to! We use a good old garden hose and sprinkler ;}

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