Thursday, July 1, 2010


O.k. folks I am going to warn you now . . .
today has really been a day!

You may want to stop reading now . . .

Don't say I didn't warn you!

The day began AMAZING . . . we all slept in until almost 10:00 a.m.

Can you say Miracle?

Well, that was as good as it got around my house today.

We all mosied downstairs and I told the boys, "If we get everything done early, we will have a picnic outside and then go fishing." The excitement lasted all of about 30 seconds and then it began . . .

If you have more than one child, you know what I am talking about without even saying it, so for those of you that do not have children I will provide you with a little example:

M-O-M . . .

he touched me
he hit my head with the door
he didn't do what you told him to do
he . . . he . . . he . . .

See what I mean?

I had handed out chores for the boys to do so we could get everything taken care of around the house before lunch. Upon inspection of chores, I found that 80% of them had been ignored even though the boys reported back to me that EVERYTHING was done.

Insert sad and irritated Mom face here!

O.K. FINE . . . no picnic outside and no fishing.

Insert sad and boo hoo Boy faces (x4) here!

Instead of the wonderful fun, we had a quick lunch inside and then got to work. The boys helped me with putting together an 11' umbrella for by the pool - it took everything I had to get it up. The boys helped One of my boys helped me get the Umbrella up . . . one let go when we almost had the two large pieces together and we almost dropped it. The other simply thought I was interrupting his enjoyment of life and complained that he had to help. The youngest was simply to small to help. But, with perseverance . . . we got put together and it works well. (side note - we had Daddy check it over as we couldn't figure out how to open the umbrella - a few minutes after looking at it, he figured it out - thanks Daddy!)

Needless to say, there was no picnic and no fishing.

We tidied up from all of our assembly and because everyone was so hot, I opened the pool and let the boys swim while I hung new Pool signs on our fence. We have one that reminds everyone to keep the gate to the pool closed - it is on each side of the gate. Another sign reads NO DIVING and another provides information on how to do CPR in the event of an emergency. They are really nice little signs and Daddy was impressed we had them all hung up.

The boys tried their new "water wings" for the pool. Cameron loved his and was swimming pretty good. EJ didn't like that he had to work at keeping himself afloat by kicking his feet and moving his arms. Cody was content to go in a little way - as long as his feet could touch, but did better than he has this year. Ryan swims like a fish and really doesn't need them. Next year I imagine Cameron will join Ryan in his fish like swimming. Although EJ didn't care for using the water wings I did make him swim back and forth in the pool a bit, just so he would get the hang of things. I am quite certain he will simply want his life jacket the next time he goes swimming.

We had dinner - left overs and then cleaned up the kitchen. Unloaded the dishwashers and then reloaded one . . . the dishes will be all washed and ready for them to unload them in the morning.

Laundry has been started . . . with all of the swimming we have been doing, we have a lot of towels to wash. Regular laundry needs done too, but isn't as much as what it could be.

I was looking at our flowers in containers on our deck tonight - they are absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully, this weekend I will remember to get the camera out and start clicking away. I will try to remember to get photos of our beautiful containers of flowers.

Did I mention to you that last week Randy dropped his cell phone in the street as he was walking and a truck ran over it? Can you believe that? What are the chances of that? Anyway after several hours and two trips out to the cell phone company, they finally agreed to replace it . . . it will be in next week. For now, his Blackberry continues to drop calls. Bummer!

What are our plans for the weekend?

Hmmm . . .

fishing, boating, jet skiing, swimming, relaxing & watch the kids play

I am going to . . .

make yummy pickly potato salad - it is to die for!

get a watermelon, corn on the cob and other fresh yumminess from one of the local produce stand

make lemonade and then use frozen fruit for the ice cubes

I would love to make a cobbler or something . . . maybe a fruit and angel food cake trifle . . . that sounds yummy.

We are going to grill out . . .

steaks, brats, hamburgers & hot dogs

salmon burgers - never had them before, so I will have to let you know if they are a hit or not. We have been watching what we eat and it was on the Smart menu with Schwans.

The day is almost over and my coffee is almost gone. The house is quiet now as the kids are all in bed. So, I shall say good night too.

g'night all

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