Friday, July 16, 2010


The temperature today was HOT. Our area has been running in the 90's and humid with heat indexes rising higher and higher. I am so thankful for the air conditioning.

We had a bit of success with Cody doing his "business" on the potty this afternoon. He has been the hardest kid to get "poopy" trained! When I got home this afternoon, he was making nasty smells so I told him to get himself on the potty. Of course, there were tears and the "I can'ts" but I persevered and he Did It! I knew he could. It helped that Daddy told him that he could go with him to get dinner tonight.

The back to school countdown is UNDER 30 days now . . . Mrs. S will only be here 5 or 6 more times. Where has this summer gone? Wow! School supplies have almost all come in ~~~ I ordered them. has some school supplies which includes free shipping. The kids were so excited to begin filling their backpacks. The boys are using their backpacks and lunch boxes from last year. They are still in great condition and I recommend them to everyone . . . Land's End has a great selection. I also recommend getting backpacks and lunch boxes Monogrammed with the child's name on it.

The boys are busy with Leapster games . . . it is too hot to be outside and EVEN too hot to swim. The pool water feels more like bath water - guess it is time to empty some of the hot out and add fresh cold water.

I received a lovely gift from my sister Janeie and her family .  .  . isn't she beautiful?

It is so fun to get surprises, isn't it?

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