Friday, July 23, 2010


I just checked our temperature on Weather Channel desktop . . . it is 10:15 p.m. and the temperature is still 91 degrees add in the humidity and the heat index is 105 degrees. I think somebody left the oven on!

How hot is it? It is so HOT . . .
  • it is hard to breath outside
  • your underpants stick to your bum
  • you begin to sweat as soon as you walk out the door
  • you need not worry about makeup . . . it won't last in the heat
  • you need not worry about your hair . . . your head begins to sweat and the hair falls ~~~ unless the humidity gets it first
  • it is too hot to swim ~~~ the water gets like bathwater and how enjoyable is that
  • the kids don't want to go outside to play
  • the inside of a car reaches well over a hundred degrees
  • touching a car steering wheel in this kind of heat could burn your hand
  • seats inside a car get extra hot too
  • you can literally fry an egg on a sidewalk
  • the dogs just stare at you when you ask them if they want to go "outside"
  • it is very hard to "go for" ice cream cone because it melts immediately after the ice cream people hand it to you
I do have a bit of advice to beat the heat . . .


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TJ said...

The Might Also Like includes praying for Me and the boys! Love it!

I cannot imagine your heat. It has been 90-100 here as the daytime high, but it cools at night.

Stay cool my friend!

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