Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday ~ Where Did It Go?

Wow, where did Friday go? I think I must have sneezed or something because it seems to have flown by!

We were busy bees at home today. We all slept in a little and then we had a bite of breakfast. I talked to my Mom on the telephone and while work to scrub our deck off of our master bedroom started. The deck that is off of the mater bedroom had not been scrubbed yet this summer, so while the breezes were cool it was scrubbed. We also washed chair cushions and the table and chairs themselves. The job took quite a while so lunch was a bit late.

After lunch, we started in on the Master bedroom, am kitchen/sitting room and the Master bath. We scrubbed and dusted and tidied and cleaned out. All that is left is to vacuum and wipe down the hardwood floors. The bathroom floor was already vacuumed and wiped down while we were cleaning it.

After all of our work, I sent everyone to take a rest before tonight's baseball game. Ryan's team remains undefeated for the season. Tomorrow begins tournaments. Yes, baseball season for us is almost over.

Ryan went home with Grandpa after the game. He and Grandpa are headed out to a fishing tournament tomorrow morning. Ryan is excited and wants to catch fish. I forgot to mention that Ryan wore his brand new school shoes to play baseball tonight. He already had asked yesterday, but I told him absolutely not! Well, he chose to disobey and wear his brand new tennis shoes. He quickly found out that Mom knows he disobeyed and received a firm talking to after the game . . . even though he tried with all of his might to "ignore" Mom. So, I took away his slushie and his ball cap and lifted his chin so that I was sure he was listening. I do believe he understood fully that he had made a mistake and that if he ruined his school shoes, he would be buying the next pair.

All of that being said, I know that it is really exciting to get new shoes. It is a well known fact that new tennis shoes make you JUMP HIGHER AND RUN FASTER. I sympathize with Ryan that he cannot wear his shoes right now, but they are for school and he knows that.

Katelyn is up tonight with an upset stomach. Hopefully it is nothing.

Tonight we enjoyed a lovely evening sitting out on our main floor deck watching the boys play on the play set. I love to watch their imaginative play and hear their giggles.

Hopefully, the morning will be quiet and we will be able to have a restful weekend. Chores will be minimal this weekend . . . woo hoo and hip hip hurray!

Well, better get to bed . . .

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