Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday Night Fishing and Jet Skiing

I don't know what you were doing tonight, but our family was enjoying each other. Tonight my hubs Randy picked up his Mom and Dad and brought them to our house. Grandma and Grandpa P don't drive well at night, so instead of worrying that they won't make it home . . . Randy picked them up and then took them home when they were ready. It is tough watching your parents get on in years and his Mom and Dad are almost 80.  Randy wanted to show his Mom and Dad a nice evening, so he invited them over to fish and jet ski.

Yes, you read that correctly . . . fish and jet ski.

When they arrived, three of the boys and I were out on the dock getting fishing poles all ready to fish. We had some knotted lines and a few poles that needed the weight, hook and bobber attached. I helped Randy rig everything up, put on the worms and get the hooks loaded with worms into the lake. It wasn't long before fish were being pulled out of the lake, one after another . . .
I don't think anyone was skunked fishing tonight.

I watched one of my boys . . . age  6 . . . try to teach his Grandma how to fish. He was instructing her HOW to throw the line out, HOW and WHEN to crank it in and WHAT to watch for. I wasn't surprised when Grandma reeled a fish in . . . I do think that Grandma was a bit surprised though! Watching EJ talk to her in a loving and knowledgeable manner really touched my heart!

Next it was Grandpa's turn to catch a fish . . . he was sitting on the dock and Kamie our Sheltie was sitting with him. In fact, she was laying her head on his lap as he fished. As he fished, I silently watched as my husband helped to bait his Dad's hook and show him where the fish were most likely to be. Once, he pulled a small Large Mouth Bass out of the water and wanted to know if he was big enough to eat. I am sure the fish was relieved when he heard . . . well, he isn't big enough, but we don't eat them anyway . . . we throw them back so we can catch him again sometime.

Randy and I were busy trying to keep worms on hooks, removing fish and untangling lines. It is unbelievable at how tangled a fishing line can get . . . and also how little boys can get them all tangled together. Then there was the occasional wormy hook in the face, the snagged line, the I got a fish so the boys all come and plop their line right down next to mine syndrome.

I really have to add, there really isn't anything like getting worm dirt, guts and nasty junk under freshly manicured nails! lol

So glad they scrub clean without leaving any evidence!

After a while, the fish stopped biting . . . there were some boats that had driven by and the water was a bit mucky from the rains we have had. Randy decided it was time to get them out on a jet ski, so he helped his Mom with a life jacket and then to get onto the jet ski behind him. Randy started out a little slow, but eventually gave her a pretty good ride, complete with wave jumping from what I heard. Grandma P impressed the boys that she went out on the jet ski with Daddy and I heard her say that it didn't scare her at all and that it was pretty fun.

Next, it was Grandpa's turn . . . he was strapped into a life jacket and sat behind Randy on the jet ski.  I am so glad that he held on AND kept his mouth closed so he didn't lose his false teeth! Randy was sure to give him a good ride and took him around the lake. He enjoyed the ride as well and was excited that he tried it with Randy.

After the terror fun ride on the jet ski, we all retreated to the gazebo and watched the boys play on the play set. We were able to chat for a bit before it was time for Randy to take them back home.

I think they really enjoyed their evening, I just hope they aren't too sore from
the fishing and jet ski ride to sleep!

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