Saturday, July 31, 2010


In the wee early morning Grandpa and Ryan took to the boat and took part in a fishing tournament for Focus. Ryan and Grandpa received a 2nd Place trophy for their fish! Ryan was so excited and I really think if Grandpa had buttons, he would have burst them!

Ryan is holding his trophy as Grandpa looks on

The Happy Fishermen

A view of the boat and guys

Little Brother wants to get in on the action

Checkin' out Crappaw's Boat

Cody said, "I am gonna drive this BABY"

As Cody was pretending to "drive" Ryan decided to turn the boat key. I am quite certain you know the expression of fear that Grandpa had at the sound of the boat engine. Grandpa was pretty quick on his feet and shut the key off quickly.

Of course, Little Brother thought that was cool!

O.k. Cody, lets strap the seats back down.

Push Hard

Come on . . . let Grandpa help you.

Grandpa is such a good Grandpa!!!

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Jeanette said...

Now I wanna go! Looks like they had tons of fun :}

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