Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hey there all. You are probably snoozing away, but I haven't gone to bed yet. I guess the brain is running in to many directions tonight.

My lil' family is all sleeping soundly . . . including the dogs. Every once in a while I hear Bugsy making a little noise in his cage.

Katelyn has had her license for a week now and doing well driving. She has gone out and about a few times on a whim and is beginning to enjoy her new found freedom. Tonight she decided to take the dogs and go get herself an ice cream. She called for the dogs and they all went outside with her. Then it happened . . . Emma decided to run off and Kamie started barking at her and wanted back in the house. I kind of chuckled that two of the dogs didn't appear to be too fond of getting into the car with Katelyn. lol Mia, on the other hand was ready to go. When I drive, she sits on the middle console of my SUV and usually sits on the middle console in Katelyn's car too . . . until Wednesday when Katelyn pulled into a parking lot and Mia fell onto the floor in the back seat. Apparently, Mia didn't realize there was going to be a  BIG BUMP when they pulled into the lot. Katelyn said that she put the car in park and looked back to see Mia on the floor of the car staring at her like: "hey, what did you do THAT for?" Mia now immediately goes to the backseat and lies down when we get in the car and Katelyn is driving. Isn't that a riot?

According to the Martha Stewart Magazine, there are some new trends out there . . .
  • Glass bottles and Jars are making a come back in home decorating. (I have already joined this craze . . . Pottery barn has had Glass bottles and jars for some time now . . . but has artisans that sell a little cheaper than PB)
  • Tie Dying is back . . . well sort of. It has a new name now - Dip Dying. Anything you can dip, you can dye.
  • There is a new wave in cycling. Classic designs are back as are accessories for your bicycle from your childhood. Baskets, bells, saddle and banana seats.
  • Plant exchanges are growing in popularity . . . kind of like a swap meet with plants.
  • Twisting is a new "thing" Braiding colorful strips of fabric to make a bright detail for a dress, or strands of yarn to make a creature. Maybe it is a necklace or a belt or even shoestrings. Braiding is being taken to new levels. (remember the macrame craze?)
  • Top-Siders are back . . . 1960s style boat shoes are gaining in popularity.
It is really weird to think of the things that were around when I was a kid and that went "out" when I was an older kid and have come back around again. It is amusing to watch new generations experience the "wow" of "new" trends  . . . especially when we "old folks" experienced the same trends years ago.

Do you remember . . .
  • pogo sticks
  • skate boards
  • metal roller skates
  • "feathered" hair styles
  • fros
  • large combs sticking out of back pockets
  • Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo
  • jeans with patches
  • shiny drippy looking lip gloss - the more the better
  • jogging suits
  • pet rocks
  • platform shoes
  • cb radios
  • shag carpeting
  • tang - just like the astronauts drink
  • jean overalls
  • disco
Can you tell I was a kid in the 70's?

What was your favorite trend?

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