Sunday, July 25, 2010


I believe it is a known fact . . .

Boys are GROSS!

Anyone that has multiple boys in their life can attest to that simple fact. Yes indeed . . . Boys are GROSS!

God indeed laughed when he made little boys AND when he decided that I would be Mom to FOUR boys . . . all stair stepped in age. I must say, my brain cannot get around some of the things my boys say or do.

Don't get me wrong . . . I absolutely and positively LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my children . . . all of them. However, that being said, I still think boys get carried away with being GROSS.

I know you are all on pins and needles . . . you are wondering . . . what did they say or do that was so gross?
  1. my four year old thinks it is funny to belch - I totally think this is disgusting and consistently correct him
  2. although each of my children have been taught the art of using a napkin, my boys insist on using their shirts
  3. when being offered food from a tray or plate, boys think they must touch each and every food on the tray or plate before deciding which one to choose
  4. any body part or function is prone to laughter
  5. little boys tend to pee all over the toilet seat, toilet, floor and whatever else is in the bathroom. When asked "who" made the pee mess . . . not me is the answer of choice
  6. washing hands with soap and water after using the bathroom or before eating is obsolete in the "boys" rule book ~ however Mom and Sister are always listening to hear that toilet flush, the water run and the sound of washing hands
  7. leaving a "smell" and then walking away has been known to happen ~ they think it is funny until it happens to them and then it is gross - go figure
  8. picking . . . little boys like to pick. they like to pick their noses, pick their bums and their fronts and pick at their brothers
  9. I was recently grossed out when one of my sons, who was helping put dishes away, put his hand down his pants to "adjust" himself. Needless to say . . . all of the dishes were rewashed in the dishwasher and he was made to wash his hands with soap and water. Followed by a stern talk about the nastiness of what he had just done.
  10. little boys make nasty laundry
  11. little boys like to dunk food in whatever they are drinking . . . it doesn't matter what it is
  12. little boys play with their food
  13. little boys like to wrestle, be rough with one another, pile up on one another and roll around in the dirt or mud while doing it
  14. opening their mouth when it is full of food and showing it to the brothers also brings about ooooos ahhhhhhs and GROSS, DISGUSTING ~ of course the one that opened their mouth and showed their food instantly gets satisfaction from all of the comments from his brothers
  15. smell my feet is a favorite of my boys ~ especially as they are trying to put their feet in my face
  16. wedgies and noogies are more of that strange little boy humor
  17. then, there are the words that little boys seem to be drawn to . . . (just use your imagination on this one)
  18. one of my boys has taken dirty clothing out of the laundry to wear again ~ more than once ~ didn't work the first or second time
  19. that same child has gone all day without underwear and simply tells me "I forgot to put them on". Hmmm didn't buy that one the first, second or third time he tried telling me he forgot
  20. putting dirty clothing in toy bins ~ it is so much easier to figure out a place to put them instead of take them to the laundry basket
  21. needing to go potty while outside playing ~~~ so, why not . . . just go ahead and pee outside ~~~ needless to say, Mama wasn't happy and neither was Daddy especially when he heard said child was in the front yard
  22. pooping in the pool ~~~ it has only happened with one of my boys and only one time, but nasty none the less
  23. then there is the put a bunch of soft drink in your mouth and then let it drain out of your mouth and down your shirt thing
  24. making a stink in the car when all of the windows are up has happened more than I care to remember
  25. bug smashing and describing all that comes out of said bug
  26. chewing toe nails ~~~ we finally convinced one of our boys that chewing his toe nails was disgusting ~~~ he finally stopped chewing them
  27. sharing their lollipop or ice cream with a dog ~~~ one lick for you and one lick for me
Thankfully, my boys are young and we have a lot of time to Love them, guide them and teach them along the way as they grow.

I totally find myself shaking my head at times. I am quite certain that as a Mom/female I will never ever understand the excitement of being Gross. I am also quite certain that God never intended me to!

Yes, I am a BOY MOM, a Mom to Four Little Boys that Love to be Gross. They love to get a rise out of Mom or Katelyn. The grosser (I am not certain if that is even a word) the better. Even though, I shake my head at their antics . . . I wouldn't trade life with my FOUR LITTLE BOYS for anything in the world. God made them SPECIAL and Gave THEM to Me.

Thank you God for little boys . . . Thank you God for MY Little Boys and thank you for making them who they are!

p.s. just a side note here . . . our Four year old is now OBSESSED with going poopy on the potty . . . HIMSELF! Praise God for our modern day MIRACLE!

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