Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Bit of THIS and THAT

Tonight as I write, I have a smile on my face. Two of my boys are sitting on the floor going through one of our Shutterfly picture books. My boys are "reminiscing" and I hear "oh yeah . . . I remember that!" and "Mommy, do you remember this day?" "We were swimming . . . we were swimming with the girls!" I love that they can sit down and flip through our "memory" books that have little descriptions and tons of pictures! They were so little!

I was going to snap a few photos with my little digital - it is an Olympus Stylus 750 - a great LITTLE digital camera to take along in the car or on little road trips that I don't want to take my larger/heavier camera. Well, someone had taken it out of my desk and apparently tried to use it without my permission. That little, short person will remain nameless to "protect" his little identity. Apparently, he dropped my little camera and broke it. (Insert sad face here.)

Today Katelyn and I left work early as I had a nail appointment to attend. Today was back fill day, so it took a while. After my nail appointment, we headed to Hobby Lobby to get a few floral stems and to look around. We found a few "finds" that I absolutely love and then checked out. Several of the items I found were 50% off . . . I love those kind of finds! After Hobby Lobby, we headed to the bank to get Katelyn a checking account. We filled out the paperwork, turned it in to the lady and then was asked for identification. I asked her what type she would like and of course "driver's license" came up. I explained that she had attempted to get her license and the topsy turvy time we had between the DMV and Social Security office. She smiled and then asked Katelyn's age. Upon telling her "17" the lady smiled and apologized . . . apparently, our bank requires the account holder to be a minimum age of 18. Once again, this task we could not complete.

Katelyn has not received her new Social Security card in the mail . . . so she hasn't gotten her driver's license either.

Today was Day 3 of the 90 Day Bible Challenge . . . I have read through Genesis 40. Only 87 days left to have the entire Bible read. Whew!

It is hard to believe tomorrow is already Thursday! Wow, where did this week go?

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