Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last night we began evening baseball with Ryan. His team has been undefeated this year, but last night's game had me holding my breath and white knuckling it! They ended up pulling it off with a 9-6 win. Whew!

Ryan has gotten the hang of baseball and is enjoying it. He had hits all but two times at bat. He also was able to run to home base for the first time when one of his team mates whacked the ball really hard. He ran to home base and then actually jumped on Home base when he got there. It was funny to see him actually jump on the base.

The other boys are enjoying baseball season too . . . they get slushies at every game. Cody yells for Ryan to get a hit and watch the ball. Totally cracks me up.

Grandpa kept two of the boys entertained last night. Poor guy has to be sore this morning as he pretty much was a climbing wall for EJ and Cody. All in all, Grandpa is a great sport about it . . . until Cody tested the water and threw two rocks at Grandpa. Grandpa and Cody had a face to face meeting in which Grandpa explained that throwing rocks at anyone is NOT a good thing.

Well, my boys are STARVING . . . so I better get lunch made.

Have a GREAT day!

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