Thursday, July 15, 2010


Another project finished . . . Today I added two simple words to our chalk board that hangs in the kitchen by the mud room.

"Message Center"

I took the time to re-do our Family rules. The background sagged terribly on the first one I made . . . so, this time we used black plexiglass for the background that then a lovely black frame.
As you can see it is VERY shiny and reflects the outside in it. You can also see the flash in the very center from my camera.

This is what it looks like from a bit further away.

Of course, picture taking would not be complete without Mr. Take My Picture . . . so here he is:

Smootchin' on Kamie . . .

EWE . . . LOTS OF SLOBBER! (Poor Kamie!)

Our Katelyn  . . .

Katelyn took a picture of her latest work of art.

It is too hot to do much of anything . . . so, reading is a great choice!

He was reading . . . until he saw the camera.

he should be reading too.

a pretty good day today.

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12-arrows said...

I love the picture with all the sayings on it! I'm filing that away in my memory "to do"! Also Love Love Love Katelyn's hairstyle, cute and trendy especially with the glasses!

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