Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday I decided to "take the day off" . . . and when I say off, I really mean it. No work yesterday . . . I know you are simply dying to know what I did, aren't you?

Well, we all slept in until about 9:00 and then snuggled in bed with my four year old. Went downstairs for breakfast and then we turned on the kids channels and watched a few of those. Then, the kids had lunch. After lunch, we all lay down for a rest . . . I know . . . we didn't get up until 9:00, but we have had a few late nights and then were awakened early the other day by the tornado siren PLUS the kids have been at one another the past few days, so - - - long story short, everyone needed a nap. Boy am I glad they all complied - almost two hours later, they began waking one by one . . . yes, Mother's intuition was right - they were tired.

After our little snooze everyone had a little snack of crackers and cheese including me . . . I had that little snack for lunch. It was yummy and satisfying.

POOL TIME!!!!!!! I told the boys to get their swim trunks on and they shot off to their rooms to get changed. Out to the pool we went. It was beautiful outside and the pool was just the right temperature. We swam and swam. The jumped in doing CANNON BALLS over and over and over again. Cody was totally attached to me . . . swim me mommy, swim me was repeated over and over. Yes, the little guy is venturing into the water more and more each time we go into the pool, but isn't confident enough to "swim" without Mommy or Daddy in arms reach. WE:







all the while I had my little guy hanging on to me and my neck - yes, even when we raced.

After a bit more than three hours of constant movement, we pulled ourselves out of the pool and into our beach towels. We were all water logged AND hungry, so inside we went.

We opened the sliding door . . . OH MY GOODNESS, I cannot even begin to explain the wonderful smell coming from my kitchen! Katelyn was making dinner . . . Bless her heart!

She made Spaghetti . . . YUMMO AND we "adults" had shish-ka-bobs!
Wow the yumminess and such a treat!

Everyone went to bed and the house was quiet.

I sat down at my computer and decided to take a CPR course . . . . online. I finished it AND answered all of the questions 100% correct and received my certification.

The remainder of the week is busy for me . . . How about you?

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