Thursday, June 17, 2010

the wish list becomes the BUCKET LIST

I recently purchased a little book called, "the wish list" by Barbara Ann Kipper. Katelyn and I started going through the book and marking things we want to do sometime in our lives. Here are a few of our many, many, many things on my wish (bucket) list - (the bucket list is a list consisting of things you want to do BEFORE YOU DIE KICK THE BUCKET:

squeeze the Pillsbury Dough boy just once to make him giggle
(that would make me smile!)

make charcoal rubbings of the stones in a ghost town graveyard
(I know that sounds weird, but I think it would be cool)

do the Sunday crossword puzzle in ink
(I can't even finish it in pencil)

live without television
(we did this for a while when our television broke)

eat Doritos and Oreos without guilt

finish everything I set out to do
(wouldn't that feel wonderful?)

attain my "official" goal weight
(I have a long way to go)

avoid the symptoms of menopause
(not that I am experiencing them, I just would like to avoid them all together)

do spring cleaning before Memorial Day

live in a Villa on the Italian Riviera
(although I love where I live now)

invent a replacement for dental floss
(wouldn't that be great?)

enjoy fresh tomatoes in December
(BLT sandwiches in December!)

create a best selling detective character

start every new year with a clean house, an uncluttered desk
 and a new date book
(boy, that one IS a wish!)

study cooking at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris
(would be great to cook like the french)

look good without makeup
(ha! takes loads of paint for this ol' barn!)

work as a taster a Ben & Jerry's
(of course, without gaining an ounce)

pay off my mortgage and throw a party to celebrate

take a trip to Disney World when no one is there
(except of course for the employees and characters!)

think up a bumper sticker slogan and see it on cars driving by
(there are so many things I could focus on)

arrive punctually for every appointment
(with 5 kids - HA!)

train my dogs to perfect obedience
(Kamie is as perfect as they get . . . Mia is in the middle . . . Emma ~~~ she is at the far end of NOT)

do a flying camel on ice skates
(this is a wish - I can't even stand up on those crazy things)

Next week I will give you a peek at MORE of JUJU'S "BUCKET" List. (By the way, my nieces, family and close friends call me JuJu!)


Jeanette said...

I have a couple of those things that I could mark off the list :} I'm not even sure I know what a "flying camel" is but I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it in tennis shoes let alone skates!

I would add.....

Train my children to put away everything they get out AND take out the garbage when they see it is overflowing!

Good list JuJu ;}

Patrice said...

Great list!! This might make you smile, my husband works for Pillsbury and we always joke and the kids always poke him the the belly and he will say "a-he" in the Pillsbury Dough Boy voice...So I get to squeeze the dough-boy daily! :o)

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