Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The day started out lovely, we slept in and then quickly began its down hill dissent when my feet hit the floor. We should have all stayed in bed today!!!

I came downstairs for a cup of coffee and a few minutes of internet time . . . our internet was down. It took me a few minutes to switch connections from our local DSL to Verizon Broadband. I was a bit irritated but got over it after a few minutes of "catch up" with my peeps.

We were excited this morning to get out of the house and take Katelyn to get her Driver's License. Everything was ready . . . she had the documents she needed, her permit, the car . . . we had Aunt Ding Ding come and watch two of the boys as only three of them would fit in the back seat of her car. We headed to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles - Secretary of State's Office). Once inside, Katelyn took a number . . . #43 . . . at first I didn't think that was too bad . . . until I heard them call #28. O.k. we were gonna be there a while.

Cameron sat and read to Cody . . . it was kind of nice, except that everyone sits and watches every move you or your kids make. The place was VERY busy, but my kids were behaving pretty well, so we could handle it. Then Cody started getting antsy . . . so, I did what every good mom does . . . I called Daddy and asked him what he was doing. He was eating lunch, but was almost finished and he would come and get the boys. When hearing this news, Cody fell apart . . . he wanted to stay with MOMMY. I told him we were going to be a long time, he needed to go with Daddy. He complied.

Finally, #43 was called and Katelyn walked up to the window and began getting her documents out for the "official guy" to look at. Then it happened . . . Katelyn had the look of defeat! I immediately went up to see what the problem was . . . she didn't have her social security card and neither did I. The "official guy" pretty much had the disposition of a grumpy goat and said, without the card no license. He did let us know where the Secretary of State's office was - which I already knew. So, out of the office we went - very frustrated as the information in the Rules of the Road and the Internet didn't mention the SS# was a requirement, not an option. We did mention that little tid bit to the guy, but his comment - Your Driver's Ed instructor should have told you.

We headed home to see if we could locate the card. I knew I had put the card in a SAFE place . . . and I have to tell you, I put it in a VERY safe place! So safe that I can't find it! GRRRRRRRRR (I take after my Mom!)

I went online to get the application paperwork for the new social security number card. I hit print and low and behold . . . the printer didn't work. A few weeks ago Randy brought home a wireless printer . . . well, not sure why but it wouldn't work. After about 45 minutes I finally got the thing to print . . . just before I "lost it!"  It still wouldn't work wirelessly, but I did get it to work with the print cord plugged in.

Off to the Secretary of State's office to get a replacement card. We took our number and waited . . . about 20 minutes. We got to the window and met a very pleasant man . . . we explained our problem to which he told us "It happens to people ALL the time!" Well, at least we are not alone. He looked at all of our documents, which included an Original from the County Birth Certificate with STATE SEAL, but was told that we couldn't use that either!

Talk about DEFEAT!

The man told us of one document that we could get that would allow him to process our application for the replacement Social Security Card . . . a letter from our Doctor stating Katelyn's full name and date of birth.

Out the door we went . . . as soon as I was in the car, I was on the phone to the Doctor's office. A lady there, which we know well took the call and had the information we needed ready for us when we arrived. In and out and back on the road to the SS Office once again. This time, there was no one in front of us and the documents were processed quickly. We will receive the new card in 7 to 10 days. So, we wait.

I have to tell you,  I feel so bad that I can't remember where the card is. I feel like a COTTON HEADED NINNYMUGGINS!

Wireless for the printer is now back in working order - another 1/2 hour of messing around with it and it is now working like nothing ever happened. WHO KNOWS what was up with that!

The boys were good for part of the day, but now we have attitudes and such.

We haven't received mail for the past two days . . . who knows what is up with that!

On our way home today, we passed an old man walking all hunched over carrying a cooler and a large bucket. He put them down and then kind of walked in a circle. I mentioned it to Katelyn and we decided to double back to see if he was o.k. When we started down the street, we saw the man all hunched over trying to walk and carry his load. Katelyn pulled the car over and asked him if he needed help . . . he smiled and answered a quiet yes. Katelyn took his cooler and other bucket for him and began walking him to his home . . . I watched as I wondered what this precious old man must be thinking. Katelyn walked him up the stairs to his porch and then helped him inside with his items. Now this is going to break your heart . . . this man is 85 years old . . . his wife died a few years ago and he is lonely. He is so lonely that he walks to McDonald's so he can watch the people and read the newspaper . . . he goes to MCDonald's to possibly get someone to talk to him. How SAD my heart felt!  Apparently, he has a son but he didn't mention if he visited him or not. Katelyn talked to him a few minutes and then came back to the car . . . this little old man had touched her heart.

I can't help but wonder . . . did everything that happen today happen BECAUSE God intended for us to stop and take notice of this little old man?

Many times, like today we feel defeat when things don't go "according to OUR plans". We may never know the reason for all of the delays of today.

Things to Ponder: If We Had that Little Blue Card . . .

Katelyn would not have been turned away at the Driver's Facility.

We wouldn't have came home and looked for the crazy thing and then try to print out an application form  . . .

If the printer did not lose wireless, we wouldn't have been home for a while trying to get the printer to print.

If the Sec of State Guy didn't suggest a doctor's form, we wouldn't have used up more time going to get it and then coming back.

If the boys hadn't gotten antsy, Randy wouldn't have picked them up and then we wouldn't have gone to the office to pick them up.

If we hadn't picked the boys up, we wouldn't have been heading home at the time we were.

If we weren't heading home at the time we were, we never would have come across this little old man.

If we didn't come across this little old man when we did, who knows what would have happened to him.

God only knows the WHYs of Our Day . . . it is ONLY God that can put little road blocks in our way to come across what he wants us to see, notice or take part in. God has a plan and today did not contain ANY of our plans . . . only much delay and frustration.

UNTIL, we met a sweet 85 year old man.

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