Saturday, June 26, 2010


Good Saturday Morning Everyone . . . The skies are sunny and blue at my house this morning . . . it is to be very hot and humid today. Either a nice day to be in the pool or go for a drive with the air conditioning running full blast. Katelyn is down to under six (6) driving hours before she can get her license. Our goal - for Katelyn to be done with all of her required hours before June 30. So . . .  next week, she will get her license.

Ryan and Grandpa were to have a fishing outing today, but an early morning storm ruined their plans. Grandpa and Ryan decided to get a bit of running done before he is brought back home. This was the second time their fishing plans have been cancelled . . . I feel bad for them as I know they were disappointed. Grandma said, Maybe they are being kept from going out fishing for a reason. I chuckled and then thought about it. God does work in the most mysterious ways.

Back to the storm ~ ~ ~ I didn't hear a thing! I was in deep slumber I guess!

Yesterday I took our Sheltie into the vet for a "dental cleaning". They put her under anesthesia to clean the tarter from her teeth as she was beginning to get gingivitis. Kamie is eleven and I couldn't let her have deteriorating diseased gums. During the process, they extracted one of her back teeth. Bless her heart she was hurting last night although she was given pain medication. Poor thing was miserable. Hopefully, she will feel better today.

The guinea pig is whistling . . . he saw Katelyn and wants something. Last evening he sat with me for a while and was very content to simply "hang out" and didn't run off. I was laying on the couch when Katelyn brought him in to me . . . she put him on my chest and he made himself at home. He loves to "cuddle" . . . weird pig! Love him though. He is really a "happy pig!"

We need to tackle the upstairs this weekend and laundry too. If we get everyone helping, we will accomplish the upstairs in no time!

We have a ball game today too . . . in the heat . . . it is ONLY an hour long, so we will all survive!

So, what are your weekend plans?

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