Thursday, June 3, 2010


The skies are clearing this morning . . . a welcome sight indeed! I do like storms, but the sunshine and gentle breezes are definitely summer.

This morning we are attempting to get a few things done around the house . . . poor neglected house! This past holiday weekend we didn't accomplish much except making memories and that was fine with everyone.

I would like to take the kids to the theater to see the movie Shrek. But, it depends on their behavior AND what we can get accomplished at home. One of the boys has decided he isn't going to accomplish his chores, but wants to do as he pleases. He is risking his privilege of attending the movie with Mom, Kate and the brothers.

an hour later . . .

well, my little man continues to be disobedient . . . he isn't going to go with us.

Better get to it! Have a great day!

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