Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Morning and Tim Hawkins on Moms

This morning everyone stayed in bed past 9:00 a.m. I have to tell you that staying in bed is not something my boys do very well . . . they tend to be early birds. Staying in bed was absolutely wonderful!

Katelyn just gave me a wonderful neck and shoulder massage. I tend to carry tension there and she knows how to make it go away. Thank you baby girl!

The rain clouds seem to like our little area of the world . . . I hear it is supposed to rain again today. Ryan has ball practice tonight which will probably be rained out again.

The boys seem to insist on fussing with one another today. I think a day of hugging one another just might be in order. You know the way it goes . . . M-o------m he's touching me, M-o---------m he took my toy, M-o----------m he is in my room, M-o--------m he won't let me play, M-o-------------m he just looked at me mean, M-o-----------m and on and on. Now I wonder where the tension in my shoulders comes from! lol

Have you ever heard or watched Tim Hawkins? Tim is a Christian comedian . . . he has a little bit about Moms, gotta love Tim!

(be sure to mute my playlist down the right side so you can hear Tim)

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Jeanette said...

He always makes me giggle! I say let the hugging begin :}

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