Monday, June 14, 2010

This and That Plus Gilligan's Island Trivia Quiz

Back at work today . . . everyone was busy, busy, busy.

Katelyn and I have hair appointments at 4:30 p.m. today. My hair needs Stacie VERY badly. My sister Janeie was very surprised at how much G. R. A. Y. I have . . . it is horrible! I am certain I am not old enough to have so much gray!

The kids all had a good day with Mrs. S. Although I am certain she is very tired tonight. The boys love for her to come as she gives them her all! Bless her heart!

The kids are watching Gilligan's Island Season 1. This gets me in the mood for a little Gilligan's Island Trivia . . .  Let's see how much you know about Gilligan's Island. Come on . . . it will be fun!!!

  1. What year did Gilligan's Island first premiere?
  2. What was Gilligan's first name?
  3. What was Mrs. Howell's first name? (not Lovey)
  4. Which of the Castaway's was left handed?
  5. Who played the "jungle boy?"
  6. On one of the early episodes Gilligan was digging a BBQ pit for Mr. Howell. He found a treasure chest. What was in the treasure chest?
  7. What type of jelly did the Castaways eat?
  8. What Castaway didn't think the show would make it?
  9. What was the name of the Skipper's boat?
  10. What was used to paint scenes for the play put on by Mr. Howell for Ginger?
  11. What television actor did Giner compare Mrs. Howell's acting to?
  12. What were the only words the jungle boy could say when he was rescued?
  13. The Skipper often walked in his sleep . . . when he did he recreated being in the war and fixing a transmitter. Skipper said a radio could be changed into a transmitter. What tools did Skipper use?
  14. What was the Skipper's first and last name?
  15. Gilligan and Mr. Howell bet against a golf game . . . how much money did Gilligan win?
I can't wait to read your answers!

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