Saturday, June 5, 2010


Tonight we had some pretty serious storms go through our area. A town to the west of Peoria was hit by a Tornado and from what I hear it did quite a bit of damage. Although we were under Tornado Warnings for a while and the sirens were blowing to take cover, the worst we had at our home was the torrential rain. None the less, I yelled for all of the kids to head to the basement quickly. I grabbed a few important things like . . .

the portable weather radio
my cell phone
my ipad

I also made sure the boys grabbed the dogs (although we did leave the guinea pig in his cage in the mud room.)

Once the kids were all in the basement I took a look out the basement door to see what was going on with the storm. Nothing but a whole lotta rain. It did cross my mind to remember to grab the jet ski keys next time . . . (just kidding) . . . I don't think our yard is every going to dry out because we have had so much ground soaking rain.

The kids were all situated in the basement and I told them to choose something to watch on DVD. We have satellite television and in a storm, we lose all signal. It is strange how that happens as the Ipad worked perfectly fine in the storm. The boys chose Rocky and Bullwinkle - it was old when I was a kid. They sat pretty well as they watched . . . . Remember . . . "Nothing up my sleeves" as Bullwinkle would always say?

We sure seem to be having a lot of storms lately! The weather alert system has awakened us several times recently and the other night it went off four or five times for Thunderstorms. I whole heartedly recommend each home have a weather alert radio!!!

Time to head for bed and hopefully a peaceful sleep!

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Patrice said...

So glad to see y'all are all safe and sound!! Take care!!

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