Monday, June 21, 2010

Rudely Awakened from a Beautiful Sleep

Good Morning all, we were awakened this morning by the Tornado Siren. We were all sleeping peacefully and I don't even know how long the Siren blew before I woke . . . it didn't blow me out of bed for some reason. Anyway, I woke Randy and told him the siren was blowing to help get the kids. Cody was asleep in our bed . . . as usual. We both jumped out of bed and headed toward the door, when I realized neither of us got Cody. I hurried back to the bed and grabbed our little one, then woke Ryan, Cameron and EJ. We all scurried to the main floor, called for the dogs and actually had to lead Kamie as her hearing is not good. Then down to the basement where all of the boys cuddled on the couches and turned on the television. Katelyn heard the siren and was up when we reached the basement.

No one freaked out ~~~ having a finished basement probably helps with that.

As I write, the winds have slowed dramatically; the thunder, lightening and rain continue.

I had a load of towels in the dryer that didn't quite dry thoroughly, so I started them up. The kids are having breakfast ~~~ each in his own time. I think Katelyn went back to bed.

Ryan made Randy and I both coffee . . . such a sweet thing to do on an EARLY Monday morning!

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TJ said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I spent a long time trying to find the link to your blog a few weeks ago, and failed.

How scary being woke by sirens. Glad all is well now.

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