Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Friday

Today, I am sitting at work . . . it isn't quiet, but there isn't anyone arguing. Everyone is busy, busy, busy. I am working on checkbook balancing and Katelyn is busy cleaning my office drawers and cabinets. Mia is taking a little nap.

The temps are to be in the 90's today . . . hot and humid is the name of the weather today. The kids will be swimming with their cousins at our house.

Yesterday afternoon, I left my comfort zone . . . I took my boys swimming in our pool. Now for most of you, swimming with your children is no big deal. I, however am very self conscious about being in a bathing suit . . . even in my own pool. Generally, I only swim under cover of darkness . . . not today. Today, I put on my bathing suit - which covers well and got into the pool. We had a great time . . . the kids swam and splashed and jumped into the pool over and over. My youngest is becoming little tadpole and ventures a little further and further each time he gets into the pool. After a few hours, we were all pretty wrinkled up and Daddy arrived home so we got out of the pool so I could make dinner - bbq's and chips.

I was happy to get a little sun on my white upper arms and shoulders . . . Katelyn was making fun of my whiteness.

Tomorrow morning Ryan has pictures to be taken for his baseball team PLUS a morning game. So far, his team has won all of the games they have played. They are fun to watch and we usually have a great time. The boys will all be taking their own little "camp" chairs and insulated water bottles tomorrow . . . should be a bit more relaxing for Randy and I rather than little boys climbing all over us.

That is about all I have in my brain this morning . . . Have a great day!

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