Sunday, June 13, 2010


This past week was a real HUM DINGER! That lil' saying is certainly a blast from WAY past! I have to tell you . . . I am PLUM WORN OUT!

I can hear those little wheels spinning in your head . . . Wonder what has been going on that has Julie so "PLUM WORN OUT"!

Well, I guess I will let you in on everything that has kept me too busy for bloggin!

Heat brings the busy season at work, so to say the least, WE HAVE BEEN BUSIER THAN A BEE! I have been helping the girls in the office stay caught up with the invoicing along with my regular office duties. I returned to office for three days a week a when the kids got out of school for the summer. Now, I know the question is popping up in some of those minds . . .  What are you doing with your kids? Mrs. S has returned once again this summer.  For those new readers to my blog, we have a wonderful Kindergarten school teacher that comes to our home three days a week to keep my little boys busy. They practice their reading and writing skills, have a Bible story and plenty of outside time. Mrs. S definitely keeps them busy and out of trouble!

It was either Tuesday or Wednesday that my new computer finally came in, so I spent an entire day and most of the evening installing software, moving files from my "older" computer to my new computer and catching everything up. I have to say, I love it! What kind? I am so glad you asked! I now have a Dell Precision M6500. This baby has dual solid state hard drives that run silently. The sound is awesome as is its speed!

Ryan had a ball game yesterday and so far his little team is undefeated. Yesterday they won 9 - 1. Ryan is catching on to the rules of the game and made some good hits. If he would just learn to pay attention when he is out on the field instead of turning around to read all of the banners and signs OR chew on his mit OR scratch his bum . . . he would have it made! That kid!

I took Katelyn out driving for TWO hours yesterday  . . . she is down to NINE driving hours required before she gets her license. Our goal is for the end of June. She really does fine with driving - except for those corners - I remind her to slow down prior to entering the corner! The car really does like driving on all four tires at all times!

A little town near by was holding their annual festival yesterday, so we stopped by (actually we drove thru) and picked up some yummy turkey sandwiches and ice cream. We brought it home and enjoyed it . . . it was so delicious!

The kids ran and ran outside. They absolutely love playing on the playset . . . they are terrific at using their imaginations. Today however, we had to put our foot down on some of their imagination! Randy and I were watching the boys play and we talked with each other as they played. I glanced away and then back to see they had put their little coupe up in the fort portion of the playset. To say I was freaked out is an understatement!!! I screamed just as Cody was climbing in to the coupe. Our second son decided it would be cool to put the coupe up in the fort . . . he REALLY didn't think the danger through. Needless to say, he was called to Randy and I . . . and we explained thoroughly the dangers of putting the coupe up in the playset. God forbid one of the boys actually attempt driving the coupe off of the fort . . . one of them would have been hurt badly or worse. Needless to say, the coupe in the backyard is history! (I am quite certain I have gained about 100 gray hairs!)

My Sister Janeie has a birthday tomorrow . . . Yep, she will be . . . NAAAAAAAAAAAAA I can't do that to her! Anyway, Katelyn and I stopped by her house to give her a little gift for her special day. We sat and chatted for a while as Katelyn endured was treated to a new hair style.

Today I was quite busy printing orders and making invoices of items purchased throughout the weekend. It takes a bit of time to enter names, addresses, orders and apply payments. Then I had bills to take care of entering. I thought I was done with the job when I check email once again. I about fell out of my chair . . . I had another stack of ordersng to take care of. Finally I completed all of the office work that I am going to do tonight. Then it was on to household bills and paperwork - which was much faster work . . . Praise the Lord!

Our house was ultra busy . . . chores needed done around the house. Laundry had accumulated to the point it had taken over the laundry room. I will be working on laundry until I go to bed tongiht. The bathrooms all needed cleaning. The floors all needed a good vacuuming and the wiping down.

Well, my laundry is ready to be folded and more loads thrown in. Have a great night!

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