Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I grabbed my small camera today to take a few photos of myself to update my profile picture on the blog and facebook. It took me a bit because it is a little difficult to get the camera in just the right position to get a picture of the face and not just the eye brow, ear or hair. I clicked away and then uploaded the pictures to my computer. Imagine my surprise when I looked over the photos to find my four year old had taken the camera out of my desk and randomly took pictures. 

Yep, my four year old . . . This Guy:

as you can see, he gets his finger on the lens! He also likes to take pictures up close and personal!

and his scrunched toes and feet get in the way

or maybe the elbow of a brother

Then there is a picture or two or three of Daddy which may or may not be in focus.

Plus the dozen photos he took of the dogs tail - up real close and personal you know!

(Those have since been deleted)

While I was clicking through photos, he would tell me . . .

"nope, that one is bwurry frow it out"

"I taked that one of Emma's butt"

"I taked awot of pictures!"

"That one is MY Daddy"

"That one is of YOU Mommy"

(sorry, that one was deleted too! it was not a very flattering picture showing up my nose!")

Yep, that boy is going to be a photographer . . . he loves the camera!

The last one is me . . . I updated my FaceBook picture with this one:

(I was wearing the glasses that I lost AND then found . . . at the office. Now I have three pair!)

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Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

How sweet!!! Those are great memories too.

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