Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally, Pig Nails, Watermarks, Toy Story 3 and more

It seems like forever and an age since I sat down to type out a post. This week has been soooooo long.

I finally received my new "laptop/workstation" computer on Wednesday and have it all up and running with pretty much everything switched over from my older laptop. So far, I have no complaints. I am excited about the extra hard drive on the system and have figured out how to work and store items there. I am connected to the office and it set up seamlessly. This laptop has a docking station that I just took out of the box tonight and it is in place. Boy does it feel good to have this done!

This evening I trimmed Bugsy the Guinea Pigs nails . . . he wasn't too appreciative, but his nails needed trimming so Katelyn and I took on the challenge. He squealed in protest and the dogs were wondering what in the world was going on. After a few minutes, all was done and he was calm again.

We are looking forward to a nice quiet weekend . . . I know that all seems impossible with five kids, three dogs, a guinea pig and husband . . . BUT, I will take what I get and if that means a weekend watching the kids swim in the pool . . . that is fine with me.

I want to recommend that anyone who uploads photos to blogs or facebook WATERMARK and resize them first. A Blog/Facebook friend had all of her photos hijacked and are being used by someone on the Internet. I have been using a program called "Visual Watermark" it is easy to use and can be downloaded from the Internet. The program allows you to design your own watermark and gives you a lot of options in which to choose. The program also resizes the photo for you which is hard to print or use if someone does try to steal your photo for their own use.

I am excited about Toy Story 3 . . .  I can't wait to take the kids to the theater to see it. I am pretty certain the theater will be crammed with kids and their parents/grandparents in the first two weeks that it is playing, so it will probably be a bit before we go and see it. Shrek is supposed to be good . . . My sister said it was pretty good.

Tomorrow morning I will be heading into work once again. Returning to work for three days a week hasn't been bad . . . except the first week . . . I even only worked two days that week, but it about killed me. I have become a big time home body and actually missed being home. The kids are having great fun at home while I am at work. Mrs. S has returned for the summer ~~~ Praise the Lord! I am so relieved we have such a reliable and trustworthy sitter for the boys AND they love her.

Friday is to be hot, hot, hot in my area of the world . . . how about yours?

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