Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Calm Father's Day!

Father's Day has been lovely so far in our home. Everyone is in a good mood . . . at this time, there is no fussing or fighting between the boys. We have accomplished much this morning and early afternoon. It feels good to have our main floor bathrooms all clean and sanitized. Lovin by Basic G by Shaklee . . . it is amazing how well it works and smells good too! With four little boys in the house, our bathrooms get abused, if you know what I mean! Basic G gets it undercontrol! Thank you Shaklee!

I have two loads drying while the whites are running through a bleach cycle and the colored clothes are washing with an extra rinse. All that remains in the laundry are sheets and towels and I will get to that after swimming and dinner.

We will spend the remainder of the afternoon out in our pool . . .  the sun is out and it is 86 degrees as I write.

Randy has been out in the pool for about an hour and the kids are trickling out one by one.

Have a great Father's Day . . . gotta get my suit and head outside.

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