Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogger, Tornadoes, Life and New Drawings

I have been trying to post for a few days now, but for some reason Blogger was on the fritz. So glad the problem has been fixed.

We survived the storms that hit Central Illinois and did not have anything terrifying happen at our home. However, 20 plus tornadoes were reported in Central Illinois that dreadful stormy night. Several tornadoes surrounded our little area of the world, but none found our home. Praise God.

The weekend was lovely and we had a great time staying at home and enjoying life. Today I was back in the office and stayed busy, busy throughout the day.

Katelyn has been busy drawing . . . she drew these two the past few days:

He is such a beautiful baby!

The bottom picture may possibly be entered in the next Mono Chromatic Competition. Katelyn changed his clothing and the hat . . . she needed to make the drawing her "own" and added the John Deere words and deer. He actually was wearing a "Cubs" ball cap . . . much to the shock of his Daddy and Grandpa who are die hard St. Louis Cardinal fans. Katelyn and I certainly couldn't resist and promised we wouldn't put the photos with the "unmentionable" hat on Facebook. lol

Work has been extremely busy . . . I have been working evenings on invoicing to try to stay caught up. I am now working on balancing the checkbook . . . that can be quite a challenge sometimes. I love a good challenge!

The Next Food Network Star began tonight . . . did you see it? So far, it is pretty good and I already have a few favorites. How about you?

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