Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Baseball Win and Getting the Driving Time Down to . . .

I have to tell you .  .  . Ryan's little baseball team has won every game they have played . . . I think they have now played six games. Today's score: 19 to 1. Ryan hit two out of three times. Way to Go little Dude!

Katelyn was able to knock off another three hours and ten minutes of driving time tonight. We (Katelyn, Ryan, Cody, Mia and I) loaded into Katelyn's car at 5:30 p.m. and headed north, east, south and west. We really didn't have any place in particular that we were going . . . we just drove. We drove all the way to Benson - way out in the country. It was a beautiful drive ~~~ well, the scenery was beautiful, but inside the car ~~~ not so beautiful.

I know you are wondering . . . why wasn't inside the car beautiful? Well, since you are still reading and haven't clicked off of my blog I will tell you! (insert smile here)

Katelyn and I thought we had it made

we put a DVD in the player (Scooby Doo)

and gave the boys headphones

then we turned on Christian radio for us to listen to

we had been gone about 25 minutes

we were thoroughly enjoying a few minutes of backseat quietness

 when a foul odor filled the car

it was coming from the back seat

although NO ONE would admit it

(dang sticky butt ghosts!)

it got so bad, we found a gas station to pull into so I could check a certain 4 year olds pants

incredibly . . . there wasn't a "package" to be found (if you know what I mean)

we buckled back up and hit the road again

further and further into the land of corn and bean fields

there were no signs

no landmarks

just fields and fields and fields

with a road running in between them

then it started




MOMMY . . .


I need to interject here . . .

the two boys in the backseat had already ate an entire bag of chips

PLUS each had a bottle of water

Remember - we were in the middle of the corn fields and
 there simply isn't a drive thru located there!

I told Katelyn we needed to take a look at a map to see when a highway or interstate would be on the horizon. I brought up the Internet on my telephone . . . only problem ~~~ I had to zoom in because I couldn't read the screen ~~~ it was itsy bitsy. Then Katelyn remembered, she brought her Ipad. So, I turned it on and started up the AT&T 3G connection. We weren't far from a highway, so we continued on and found our highway which then connected with the interstate.

We headed back to "familiar" territory and located a McD's for dinner.

Gotta love those GRUMPY McDonald's employees . . . don't they just make your day?

So we got our meal and headed back on our journey.

Katelyn needed to get in at least three hours ~~~ then she would only have three more to get in ~~~ she and I have a goal of June 30. We made the goal so we would make sure to get it done and not procrastinate any longer. So, THREE was the number for the night.

I realized we wouldn't have THREE hours in tonight, so we decided to head south a while longer and then take one of the exits off of the interstate and travel home through the country roads.

We found some really great twisty turvy roads that Katelyn handled like a pro.

The sun was beginning to go down and I told Katelyn we should head for home since we weren't exactly sure where we were besides in the country with a house here and corn fields there.

It was then that Katelyn began teasing about being lost on a country road and the HOOK coming to get us! I had to tell her to stop as we had two little guys in the backseat! Naughty girl!

The next words I hear ~~~

I gotta go POTTY

try to hold it please

I gotta go POTTY

I know, but there isn't any place to pull off safely right now


We finally found roadway that was straight and in the open so we could let Cody go potty alongside the road . . .


After the potty break the arguing began and didn't stop much before we pulled in the driveway.

Katelyn got in THREE HOURS AND 10 MINUTES of driving time.


Once home, we sent the boys in and then surveyed the backseat to see what damage the poor little car had gone through. As with most kids, you could immediately see what they had been up to while we had been driving . . .

chips smashed into the seat

caramel sauce from the apple dippers

torn up boxes and wrappers from dinner

an empty water bottle on the floor

one pair of shoes

Thankfully, it cleaned up quickly and easily with a few wipes and a shake of the mat.

All in all, it was a good trip . . .

God gave us safety . . . although at one point we almost became the creme portion of an Oreo cookie. A car in front of us stopped suddenly and although we weren't following too close, it is very easy to come upon someone going 55 mph. Katelyn did well with her brakes, however the guy that had been riding our bumper wasn't as prepared as Katelyn. I am quite certain he had to "stand" on those brakes to get his car stopped . . . I was watching in the side mirror and let out a bit of a screech as I thought he wasn't going to get the car stopped in time. Katelyn saw it as well and had plenty of room to let up on the brake and roll our car forward a few feet so we weren't smashed!

Thank YOU God for your tender mercies!

Katelyn had a firsthand experience with defensive driving!!! She passed it with flying colors!!!

Katelyn will be getting her license one day this next week!

Katelyn, I am so PROUD of YOU!


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