Saturday, May 29, 2010


Woo Hoo it is the weekend . . . I have been buried under a mountain of paperwork for a few days and finally finished up the last bit of it this morning! I then took care of paying bills at home. Now, ALL of my paperwork is FINISHED! Yippee KyYy AAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Randy, Katelyn and Cody are outside swimming . . . they have been on the jet skis already today and are now outside enjoying the heat. Cameron and EJ have been grounded, but I think this afternoon I will let them swim as well.

Today at 4:00 Ryan has his first Baseball game . . . the poor team has only had one practice, so I can't imagine how they will do! We will be cheering him on and I will take my camera along to snap a few photos.

The cottonwood has been horrible the past week in our area and my allergies are in turmoil. I take zyrtec each and every day, have eye drops and use nasal spray . . . I continue to suffer allergy symptoms of itchy eyes, itchy nose and sneezing. Oh well . . . the cottonwood seeds should stop blowing soon.

Tomorrow afternoon I think we will have hamburgers on the grill, along with chips and dip and maybe I will make up a trifle dessert and possibly potato salad. Love me the days of summer!

How about you??? What is in your plans?

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